Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two Guys, A Girl and A Diva

From the cosy family afternoon with Tim, Tina and Thumbelina, we then headed for more... adult-oriented activities with another sort of family. Managing to catch Slim Sandy in between graphs, gym and guys, we coerced the poor fella into offering us a quick gay tour about the island after dinner.

It was close but we all resisted the urge to sing We Are Family by Sister Sledge.

Rather than show us the temples, monuments and museums Penang has to offer, we pestered Sandy into driving us around some of the more notorious spots in town from the seedy backlane motels to the more dubious sounding karaoke joints. Kissy Suzuki Lounge anyone? Even took a slow circle around the site where the gay Georgetown gala was purportedly held!

Certainly suited the topic of our conversation that ran the gamut from the sexiest apostle to sodomy in the classroom. Despite serial interrogation though, a modest Sandy refused to admit that he'd been involved in one of the infamous orgies before.

Paul : And you weren't caught along with the raid?
Sandy : No. No! I'm a good boy, I am!

Looking at slim, pretty Sandy, I had my doubts. Borrowing from straight-boy vernacular, like who wouldn't want to tap that ass?

Checking out the local talent.

Realizing that some of the notoriety of the local red-light districts had probably rubbed off on him ( and probably tarnished his sterling reputation! ), Sandy decided to absolve himself of sin by heading towards a more upmarket joint. It didn't take much convincing - once we saw the elegant colonial bungalow along Jalan Bagan Jermal. A bungalow lovingly refurbished into a surprisingly fine jazz bar with a fabulous diva singing up a storm.

Seated close to the roaring stage, we didn't have much chance for conversation but that seemed alright - especially since there were plenty of other local talent to admire. Really. Penang boys are still looking mighty fine. Especially one seated right across from us - a slit-eyed honey with bulging biceps barely hidden by his tight checkered shirt.

Paul : Go make a move on the hunk. Quick!
Sandy : What? No! I'd need to be way more drunk to do that!
Paul : Waiter. Keep the drinks coming.
Sandy : No!
Paul : Hey, the hunk's going to the smoking room. Follow him.
Sandy : No!

No doubt Sandy was trying to maintain some semblance of dignity as a host. After vehemently denying all rumours of licentiousness earlier, he couldn't very well go scrambling after the checkered-shirt honey at the very next moment! :)

All in all, Sandy was a wonderful host. Though I admit I was disappointed we never got to see Sandy's infamously seductive Dance of the Seven Veils.

Maybe we should have plied him with more drinks.


mosilian said...

so who was the sexiest apostle?

i need to be briefed (ahem) in case i ever get to heaven..

savante said...

Mosilian, who? We can only imagine since the Bible wasn't illustrated :)

*Anton* said...

Oooooo I loved that diva too. Food wuz a tad pricey and small portioned tho'


Kenji said...

Ohhh geez... You're absolutely evil paul! HAHA! But sounds like it was a blast! xD

Queen B said...

"...Sandy's infamously seductive Dance of the Seven Veils"

this is interesting! we would love to hear MORE abt this! XD

Serm said...

i wanna go to kissy suzuki lounge! lol