Monday, April 06, 2009

Two Guys, A Girl and A Baby

As much as I talk about having children one day, sometimes it's hard trying to imagine me balancing diaper bags, milk bottles and a wailing kid. Coping with it all would probably drive me insane.

Though it seems most of my peers seem to have managed that particular balancing feat surprisingly well enough.

Or at least Tiny Tim and Tina have done so.

Been almost two years since I'd seen the both of them! And since then, Tim and Tina have gotten engaged, married, relocated and produced a child. One aptly named Tiny Thumbelina.

Glad to see them both looking happy - and motherhood certainly suits Tina to a T. Despite the fact that Tim admonished his lil daughter Thumbelina as the naughtiest lil minx around - I actually thought her surprisingly well behaved! Inured to the horror of monkey-like cherubs swinging from the rafters in the paediatric wards, the sight of Thumbelina playing with the cushions seemed almost refreshingly tame in comparison.

Caught up with each other over a sumptuous meal by the sea and compared horror stories on what had been going on in our lives since! Put a couple of doctors together and yes, we do talk shop. And if the lightspeed conversation wasn't enough to gradually lull Charming Calvin to sleep, I'm sure the topic of our conversation ( from patients to ex-colleagues ) did.

Man and child
Paul : Thumbelina, you see that nice-looking fella with his shirt off? Go get me his number!

Though Calvin did perk up when a curious Tina began her mini-interrogation! Never actually told Tina and Tim I was gay though I'm sure they both had their ongoing suspicions. But since Shameless Shalom had come along for the ride, the ensuing threesome had a doubting Tina scratching her head for a logical explanation!

Tina : Oh so how do you guys all know each other? So Calvin's a special friend?
Shalom : Umm.
Paul : Umm.

Notice she never did ask who's friend he was? Despite her pointed questions ( and the way she stealthily checked out the sleeping situation in our hotel suite ), I don't think Tina ever confirmed how we were all connected! Can already imagine the wild conclusions she's already jumped to! A ménage à trois? So Calvin remained a special friend to all.

Though I was sorely tempted to spill all, I didn't think the right place to come out would be in a crowded restaurant with Thumbelina climbing all over the table! Anyway how would I begin?

Despite my complaints I wasn't exactly a monk during my internship. Not sure you recall a fella you once saw me with while we were interns but that was an ex of mine. Want to hear something funny? After you met us in the hallway, we actually did it in the dorm on my off day - several doors down from you.

Oh yeah btw I'm gay.

Somehow I don't think she'd appreciate that salacious revelation over smoked duck.


Niki said...

You'd make a great dad, me thinks.


Chris said...

I THINK good parent is important to create a nice environment for the child to grow up...

Cabbageboo said...

I encouraged a friend to come out of the closet through blogging. It's not the easiest thing to tell something as delicate as 'Hey..btw,I'm gay.' point blank to someone's face. He's still peek a booing...but at least he made a brave move by writing about it. People can peek into my closet if they want to....;D

Queen B said...

just carry a prada or LV bag...ppl will surely know u're gay without u announcing it loudly~ ;P

*Anton* said...

The word "intern" alwiz puts a smile on my face.


Life for Beginners said...

I think you'll make a real sweet daddy for your kid(s), Paul. Stern disciplinarian for sure, but hey, kids these days don't get enough of that. :)

jase said...

how come the picture reminds me of leo?! hahahha

savante said...

Thanks, Niki! Will put you on my recommendation form if ever. :)

Definitely. Not to mention someone who's always there, chris.

Takes time and tolerance, cabbageboo :) But it's good that he has a friend like you around.

But I can't bring that to work! It'll get stolen, B!

And why is that, anton? :)

Definitely no sparing the rod, life!

Well, that's cause he had a similar picture taken, jase!