Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's Misbehave

Been quite a while since I've hung out with my ISO and he made mention of it today. With my ISO spending some time abroad working, our schedules haven't meshed as well. But like a bad penny, he turned up this morning just as I was struggling to keep myself awake ( after an awful call! ) over my shepherd's pie.

My ISO : I'm back.
Paul : Strike up the band. Kill the fatted calf.
My ISO : It's only 11. Hardly time for sarcasm.
Paul : Blame my alcohol level.
My ISO : Drinks in the morning. How perfectly scandalous.

So although I was groggy with sleep - and some drinks, I promised him a movie at the least. Already had Easy Virtue in the bag since my nutty legal advisor had made the suggestion. Sounds like the perfect match since I figured dry, sardonic British comedies simply aren't Charming Calvin's cup of tea.

This isn't going to end happily, is it?

So what is it all about? In the roaring 20s, a glamorous golden gal finds a younger prince charming only to find that his aristocratic English parents aren't all that pleased with her. In fact her frosty mother-in-law thinks that she's a lady of easy virtue. Sparks soon fly and a hilarious battle of wits ensues as each woman tries to outsmart the other. Definitely not a happy ending for this one. Might have turned out to be a typical weepy drama if it wasn't peppered with dry humour throughout. Most of it courtesy of the embittered father-in-law with his quietly snarky remarks.

Seriously. Hilarious.

Made even more so with the swinging jazz beats on the background. Ever heard Car Wash remade in the 1920s?

It would be easy to be carried away with the witty antics of the main protagonists but I've always had an eye for the background. What I liked was of course an inconsequential fella called Phillip - what seemed like just a daft, midly lecherous neighbour - who turned out to be more of a gentleman than anyone expected.

Paul : I actually like Phillip.
My ISO : Well, my dear, you are Phillip.
Paul : Bitch. But it's fine. I have a thousand rolling acres of good British soil, dozens of bootlicking staff and probably a fine country home.
My ISO : Probably bugger the poor stable boy in your spare time as well.
Paul : Of course.

And then we spent teatime with scones making up fake posh British accents like we did years back.

It's always fun to misbehave.


RPMnut said...

Oh how I DO love posh British accents. They're quite simply MARVELOUS, don't you think? :D

Queen B said...

you should teach us that fake posh british accents!!

it will add more plastics to our life! xD

Legolas said...

Who said I can't take dry, sardonic British humour?

savante said...

I find them near irresistible, Nut :)

Wish I could! Mine is sadly unposh, B!

I bet you'd fall asleep after half an hour, leggy.