Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tokens of Love

What does it feel like to be newly in love?

Just the first irresistible stirrings of that powerful emotion makes even the brainiest Einstein resort to utterly foolish demonstrations, all in the name of love. Brave nightly renditions of sentimental stanzas below the balconies of a loved one, chocolate-covered candy hearts ( the novel tau sar pneah for some... ) and these days with the advance of technology, that barrage of embarassingly mawkish messages on the cellphone.

And what more when that love is returned and accepted wholeheartedly? Well it leads to furtive whisperings, secret glances and clandestine caresses when no one's looking.

Sharing secret glances

Or at least when they blindly hope no one's looking. Still I gotta admit it's not easy to keep a new love secret in public. The signs are always there - that magical glow, that devilish twinkle in the eyes - all dead giveaway signs. Would like to say that awkward painful walk after that first night but that would be crass, wouldn't it? :P

And it's especially difficult keeping it quiet when you have a busybody snoop like me watching closely ( since everyone knows people watching is one of my secret hobbies ).

Which is how I started wondering when I caught Dashing Dan giving Strapping Shane the look. And it wasn't the usual lusty I-wanna-lay-ya-tonight look. Since I'm the sappily sighing romantic sort, all sorts of diabetic sugar-coated fantasies came to mind with images of gentlemanly courtship and tender tokens of love. Please I am not even going to imagine the other more base, elemental needs of a relationship. They are my friends after all.

And it's sweet :)

You make me comfortable...

Come on, say it with me. Awww... sweet. Certainly not in the hallowed ranks of the infamous 'You complete me' or even the 'I wish I knew how to quit you' but it's alright for a relative beginner, especially for a certain reticent someone.

Makes me recall the first time I saw Charming Calvin myself standing at the stairs of the train station waiting patiently for me with that boxed up tie and that earnest look on his face.


strapping.shane said...

Ain't love grand? =)

Dashing Dan said...

Blindly hope is right. Er... we're gonna try not to be such a spectacle next time. >.<

Anonymous said...

Awwwww... sweet. (See, even I can follow directions.)

Anonymous said...

Awww.... it's ever so elusive for me. Sob sob....

Anonymous said...

Love's been cruel to me, Paul. :(

thompsonboy said...

true love is like a ghost, many talked about it, few has seen it?

charmed.calvin said...

I did try to be funnier and hippier, but somehow I still looked earnest.

Jemima in Melbourne said...

I've failed in love.

Perky said...

i'm so lucky to get to feel that 'newly in love' feeling everyday. guess i really don't know 'how to quit him' huh? *alamak so corny.......*

JL said...

Did you happen to bring these 2 lovely souls together?

If yes then, matchmaking is definitely in your gene eh... like mama, like son :)

Anonymous said...

it's pretty much something isn't it? heh.

i used to be such a romantic sap. now i don't know lah. i think i'm getting extremely crusty.

Anonymous said...

first up, the obligatory "Awwwwwww..."

it's sweet isnt it... which makes me craving for it...

savante said...

Yeah, shane, it is grand :)

No problem. We all love spectacles, dan.

I think it is too, sue.

Hey, hardly elusive. You'll find it again, alex. And so will shah!

True enough... guess we all have to keep searching hard, thompsonboy.

FUnnier and hipper? Seriously, calvin? :)

Not failed... doubt anyone can fail in that, jemima. Maybe that's just not your true love.

You lucky perky. You are making me jealous.

Love matchmaking but I think these two brought themselves together, jl.

Just as crusty as you. confusticated!

It is sweet, xav.