Thursday, December 21, 2006

Around KL in 80 minutes

With the day that we had just yesterday, seems like Charming Calvin and I should be packing our bags to join the wild, wacky and adventuresome ( though frequently quarrelsome ) duos on Amazing Race! Especially since an unsuspecting Strapping Shane sent us both on a wild goose chase around the city environs yesterday evening.

Are you ready for a wild ride?

Picture this. From PJ to Bangsar to Pudu to Ampang to Gombak to Wangsa Maju to Titiwangsa. Those who are wondering what that's all about only need to imagine us driving around in ever smaller concentric cirles around the jam-packed city - or better yet refer to this. And make that at the absolute peak of rush hour with rude, inconsiderate drivers ( including me actually! ) barging their way through gridlocked highways while death-defying motorcyclists and blissfully oblivious pedestrians weave maniacally in between the bumpers - not knowing how close they were to an untimely meet with the Grim Reaper.

Was just this close to bumping off a few belligerent roadside nitwits ala Grand Theft Auto - but a more altruistic, humanitarian Calvin intervened at the last minute to save their unwary souls. Certainly like a whirlwind tour of the city in 80 seconds though my own faithful Passepartout could do little but hang on for dear life as I whizzed by stunned police officers ( looking especially fine that day in their tight black spandex for some reason but it could also be due to sheer vertigo due to my innate need for speed! ).

Blame the impromptu treasure hunt on the unwitting Shane since the lost boy sketched out a poorly-drawn map of his whereabouts. With hardly any clues or landmarks, it was almost akin to searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack.
( Needle=Shane, Haystack=Kuala Lumpur ).

Where are we?

Took the better part of an hour before we finally chanced upon him, and even then when we finally found Shane secreted away in the Unseen Gray Tower - covertly concealed in the dense foliage of a towering tropical rainforest, there was only a long, lonely winding way up the steep slope. Seriously. Talk about climbing a mountain in search of knowledge. Even the courageous Samwise Gamgee would have balked at such an unfriendly trail.

Didn't have the heart to berate Shane though since he seemed a little crestfallen ( did I hear a sniffle? ) that day. Details to follow in his blog, I'm sure :)

Still, it certainly proves that I'm mondo excellent at treasure hunts, with or without clues. Managed to find that needle, didn't I? Not sure what I would do with my Lord of Perpetual Yawn though - who seems to tire easily enough ( though he did perk up quick enough when I was about run down a brainless motorist in a grisly coup de grace ).

Hmm... maybe bring along a pack of Gatorade so he'll be able to charge up faster? :P


Anonymous said...

How poorly drawn was that map for you to have you do that whole trip? Did he like draw the peninsular then put a dot somewhere in Selangor to show where he was?

Something tells me there's much more to this story, isn't there?

nyonyapenang said...

he was kidnapped or what?

savante said...

Well, he moved to a totally alien area and couldn't describe the location, ws :P

Hardly kidnapped, nyonya :)

Anonymous said...

I've moved.

Vern, formerly known as Diamond Stud

Anonymous said...

I've moved.

Vern, formerly known as Diamond Stud

maxius said...

Shane has a blog?

Meanwhile, how could he *not* know where he is?

strapping.shane said...

Yes, Maxius - Shane has a blog. =P And I perfectly know where I am, it's the two lost boys who are obviously deviating from my map. =D

To Drownedglass: Yes, a lot more to the story. Some parts include them calling me at random moments screaming: "Oh my gawd. We missed a turn!" and "Your college is one of those places where you can see it but you can never get to it!"

Nyonyapenang: I wish I was kidnapped. =P

And to my dearest brother Savante: You know I love you guys so much, right? =P It's amazing you managed to find me (as you would put it) covertly concealed in the dense foliage of a towering tropical rainforest. =D

Joel said...

ride me

Anonymous said...

Next time try Hotlink/DIGI Friend Finder *depends on which network he is using*
My fren used it once to locate me and then they pulled a prank on me... sial betul!

Anonymous said...

the best way to find the needle is actually to burn the haystack.