Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Bra Exchange Network

Men and women might be equal but they'll never ever be the same.

And honestly why would they want to be? Haven't we reached a certain stage where it's quite alright to celebrate each other's differences? Just to cite the evident dissimilarities between the sexes, I'll tell you what I heard from my nurses this morning.

Damn they just love to fuck with my mind.

Nurse : I miss having a sister. Since she moved away, I miss her even more. 
Paul : Must be nice having a sister. 
Nurse : Yeah, you know what, I even miss sharing bras. 
Paul : WTF.
Nurse : Guys don't share underwear? 

Hell no.

At least not knowingly. Not with brothers or even boyfriends. Though our clothes do get confusingly mixed up in the laundry hamper, my brother and I somehow tend to purchase underwear in distinctly contrasting colours so that we could tell them apart. And even though I can comfortably comport myself in my boyfriend's briefs, I have tried it but a handful of times only - and usually in desperate situations.

Fighting over the one clean pair of underwear left. 

Don't think I would even share my undershirt.

But apparently when girls get together, they actually do more than just innocently compare bra cup sizes. As long as the brassiere is thoroughly washed prior to the exchange, seems like it's a non-issue for the girls who find it far from unusual.

Is that how they spread cooties? :P


Cheryl said...

Eeeee... Not for me. Not hygienic at all,

savante said...

That's what I think as well haha, Cheryl!