Friday, April 05, 2013

Ogle Ogle

Let me start with a brief conversation I once had with my distraught medical officer Ebullient Eve after she received an indecent proposal while waiting in a disreputable hotel.

Eve : It was horrible! I was just sitting there drinking coffee in the lobby and this old man came over to accost me!
Paul : How!
Eve : He asked me how much for a night!
Paul : Well that's a compliment!
Eve : How could that be a compliment! I'm not a prostitute.
Paul : At least he thinks you're worth paying for. Imagine if the old codger walked by without bothering to look.
Eve : Hmm. 

Sheds a different light on the matter, doesn't it?

Which brings me back to Prudent Patrick's prudish perception of perusing perverts in the public pools. Surprisingly common, these relatively harmless rubberneckers who gather in cruisy public pools to gape, gawk and goggle at strapping swimmers in their skimpy speedos. Doesn't make Patrick any less outraged by their depraved behaviour.

Patrick : It disgusts my straight friends! These peeping toms make gay men look bad!
Paul : So? You mean the straight boys don't stare at the girls with bikinis?
Patrick : Yeah but...
Paul : Before you say it, how is that any different!
Patrick : It just is!
Paul : So straight boys can ogle but gay men can't?

Whatchu looking at!

Yes, I know the boys don't like it. Such unsolicited voyeurism violates the privacy of the increasingly exasperated swimmers. In fact, the more self-conscious, brutish fellows usually resort to physical violence as a response to such perceived sexual harassment.

Not that I condone perverted peepers at the pool in the least - but let me put it this way. Let's say you're stripping at the pool and no one even bothers to give you a second glance. Trust me, that's far more tragic. Even worse, imagine if everyone pointedly looks away! Ouch. So be glad that someone - even the neighbourhood sleazeperv - still deigns to look.

Does it harm you in the least to be the unwitting object of some stranger's sexual fantasy? I doubt the ever desirable Chris Evans - no doubt the reluctant star of dozens of shamelessly repugnant wet dreams - even cares.

As long as it's only limited to ogling, I wouldn't give a damn either. 


Shin Yong said...

Hahahaha..human mind always conflicted. Sometimes change the point of view really helps a lot.

Tempus said...

Ogle, but be courteous to make it discreet so the be-ogled one wouldn't feel very very sexually harassed.

Speaking of accosting, I've been asked for being prostitute's customer at least twice in the near Genting trip. Seriously? DO I look like a desperate straight bloke?

Maybe the beard and the singlet did some loudspeaking.

savante said...

Very true, shin yong. Let's see if that helps.

You're not the only one, tempus. Can't walk down Pavilion area without someone offering me for a dubious massage.