Friday, April 12, 2013

The Uncut

Though it runs through the minds of randy gay boys probably every nine seconds or so, the penis remains largely a taboo topic especially in public. Oddly enough despite being in possession of a penis - and obviously lusting after other penises, gay men don't actually talk much about it. Yet I had no choice but to throw out the controversial question during our gathering.

Cut or uncut.

Surely one of the most frequently asked questions on our shamelessly prurient homosocial apps! Whether done for ritualistic or religious purpose, basically it places men into two starkly differing camps, both sides wildly opinionated over their possession of - or patent lack of - that plainly negligible piece of flesh we call the foreskin. Routine non therapeutic circumcisions are done for a variety of reasons ranging from basic hygiene to the more unusual justifications.

Wonder whether a circumcision would make my penis bigger.

Which is how I came to ask such a crudely probing, wildly inappropriate question over dinner. As it turns out, one of my mates Prudent Patrick, no doubt the unfortunate recipient of a particularly uneven education on male biology, vehemently insists that circumcision helps penile growth.

Patrick : I think all guys should get circumcised.
Paul : Why?
Patrick : Umm... for simple hygiene!
Paul : Wait, don't give me the cleanliness crap since you can wash it easily on a daily basis. Just slide it back and clean it.
Patrick : Umm... for aesthetic reasons!
Paul : You're saying having a two-toned penis with an appreciable nick is attractive?
Patrick : Umm... actually they say it helps the penis get bigger.
Paul : And you actually believe that.
Patrick : Yeah, I actually recommended it to my other friends. 
Paul : You know, a more effective and far less painful method of getting your penis larger would be to blow it.

Yet, in a desperate bid to enlarge the size of his severely underappreciated member, our gullible Patrick underwent a largely traumatic surgery that involved unsterile equipment, unskilled personnel and seemingly unending bleeding at the end. The things men do for a larger penis.

Seriously, what are they teaching these impressionable small town fellows? Logically speaking how does removing the foreskin help in the growth of the penis?


Chen Xing said...

Don't think so it helps.

When it comes to size, it's either you are born with it or you don't.


savante said...

Agreed, chen xing :) They are pretty hard to convince though.