Saturday, February 09, 2013

The New Year Miracle

If you'd recall, a week ago I was pretty bummed, to say the least, when I realized I wouldn't be returning home for the coming Chinese New Year. Certainly cast a dismal cloud over the entire week making me crabby as hell at work - since that was the main culprit preventing me from participating in that annual spring exodus home.

A little hard finding a locum replacement when everyone else I knew - who could do the job - would be heading back to their hometowns same as me.

Damn, knew I shouldn't have packed that many oranges. 

Till someone stepped out from nowhere with a peculiar proposition. Covering a couple of places at one go? A bit chancy. A bit insecure. A bit perilous. But it was the only offer on hand.

However my staff turned out to be unequivocal in their support.

Paul : Don't know whether I should. A bit risky no?
Miranda : Just go ahead. Not like anyone else is gonna be around at work. 
Paul : True. 
Miranda : Even if you stayed, no one would be appreciative of the sacrifice anyway. 
Paul : Even more true. 
Miranda : And you always said family comes before work.
Paul : True. Fuck it all, I am gonna get the tickets now. 

Didn't need any more convincing, that's for sure. So that's why I'm going home.

Happy Chinese New Year to you all! 


Aiden said...

A very touching video. Made me cry ><

savante said...

Makes you wanna go home, doesn't it Aiden!