Friday, February 15, 2013

Smiles of Fortune

Abundant prosperity certainly seemed to be the order of the day back home from the endless array of dishes

Not to mention the surprisingly muscular, tanned forearm that wrapped around my neck as I leaned over to get another bite of red wine chicken. Normally having such manly biceps curled around me wouldn't be reason enough for me to squeal but at the family reunion dinner, it certainly gave me reason to nervously jump from my seat.

Turns out my hot somewhat-cousin Preppy Phillip, who makes the occasional rare disturbingly titillating appearance, was back for the reunion dinner as well. All six feet of hale, healthy hail-fellow-well-met affability.

Nigh impossible to focus on what he's saying when I keep looking at his chest. Damn.

With me thinking of nefarious reasons to climb over the wall into his bedroom for the night. Thank God for old style coffeeshops with flimsy wooden partitions to split the various rooms.

Paul : Damn, hot cousin back.
My ISO : That Preppy Phillip fellow? 
Paul : Yes!
My ISO : So you're gonna share some brotherly love this time?
Paul : Don't tempt me! And he has no girlfriend at the moment. Odd. 
My ISO : Who knows, he might have seen the light! 
Paul : Not gonna listen to you. 
My ISO : Maybe he's on Grindr now! Bet he looks good shirtless. 
Paul : Dammit. Now I am curious.

It was worth a try. And I am a snoop anyhow.

Hard to tell from homosocial apps such as Grindr especially when most closet-cases keep their identities and faces carefully hidden - nevermind the fact that their entire ripped torso remains bared to the world. One particularly scrumptious fellow with astonishingly perky pectorals turned out to be mere metres away and I kept stealing glances at Phillip wondering whether it was actually him.

Under that tight red tee, his chest certainly looked sculpted enough.

Thought of sending a message but something stopped me. A gay cousin? If homosexuality can be linked to genetics, there would be a higher preponderance of it recurring in a family! Ever wondered whether you had a relative who was gay?


quicksilverlining said...

interestingly enough, only today my parents were talking about my auntie living in the US without having a green card.

"only her 'friend' has a green card." the quote marks were pretty literally hanging in the air.

Anonymous said...

my paternal grandparents have 10 grandchildren. 2 of us are gay.


savante said...

Ooh, so have you met this aunt before, qsl?

Well, anon, my grandparents have close to fifty... gosh that would make it at least five to ten of us? :O


Anonymous Esq. said...

Just ask him lah. As a joke. Then see what his response is in the first few milliseconds.

Anonymous said...

OMG who is this?!!? A hunk of a cousin?!?!?