Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Diet of Oranges & Crackers

There are times when I actually despair over the sheer superficial shallowness of my fellow gay brothers. Sigh.

Sure, I like to look good. Hitting the gym regularly to get down to my fighting weight ( and to hopefully avoid the much dreaded myocardial infarction ) does have its little benefits. Dressing well and suiting up happens to be one of my sweet lil pleasures in life. However that doesn't mean I check myself out in every mirror I walk by.

Neither do I dedicate my life wholly to the body beautiful. Unlike Mercurial Marshall who has started counting calories these days.

Paul : Wanna go grab a bite for dinner? 
Marshall : Can't do that for the next few weeks.
Paul : What? You're not eating dinner for the next few weeks? 
Marshall : Only till Chinese New Year. Just gonna stir up some salad at home. 
Paul : A diet of twigs and leaves for Chinese New Year? 
Marshall : Yeah.
Paul : You're not trying to squeeze into a red qipao are you? 
Marshall : No!
Paul : How would nibbling nuts and berries showcase any prosperity?
Marshall : But I'd be able to wear my red tank top and white shorts.
Paul : For the reunion?

Evidently yes since Mercurial Marshall has been subsisting on meagre bird feed for the past few weeks.

A diet for Chinese New Year? Now I've heard of everything.


quicksilverlining said...

he's certainly very dishy. but not too bright, as we have found.

savante said...

Sometimes nature does have a balance, qsl :P

Anonymous said...

God giveth and God taketh.