Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There's Something About Paul


I gotta say some of us just have loads of it - that dangerously deranged desire to dominate at all costs - while some of us are just a little more zen when it comes to the uncertain corporate ladder and their lowly, insignificant position hanging on the forgotten rungs. Can pretty much guess where I stand when it comes to this since I'm one helluva managing kiasu bitch when I have to be.

And I adore power. Offer me the job of an iron-fisted dictator in some forgotten third world nation and I just might consider it.

Now who do I have to kill off for that job? 

Which is something Charming Calvin simply can't wrap his bewildered lil head around.

Calvin : Crazy busy at work these days. 
Paul : Oh you poor thing.
Calvin : So bad that my boss fainted yesterday and passed out on the floor. Think he even vomited.
Paul : Oh that poor man. 
Calvin : Yeah we had him sent to the hospital. Hope he's alright.
Paul : Heart attack? Stroke? 
Calvin : Not sure yet. We'll have more news later.  
Paul : So have you schemed to get yourself into his position and edge him out of the corner office? Will you get a promotion if something happens to him?  
Calvin : What?

Wait. You mean I'm the only one who thinks like this?

I mean apart from Sophie Ellis-Bextor.


Tempus said...

Are you kidding?! Why do you think I'd take up the position as director of the faculty's LARGEST event?!

SynchingZincInc said...

Such move need a fair amount of experience and people management skills. It's never gonna be easy unless you're already a senior in private practice. It's totally different in public service no?


Anonymous Esq. said...

Hmm...finally Le Docteur shows a frightening aspect - a hint of some thirst for power play. *gets frightened and I run away in fear*

savante said...

Why not! Someone has to do it, why not me, tempus :P That's what I think.

I'm pretty senior, helix :P

I'm a crazed megalomaniac actually, anon :P CLoseted though.