Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Much Is That Pitchfork In The Window

Salesman : And what can I do for you today, sir?
Paul : Could I have one of those pitchforks?
Salesman : Perhaps I could interest you in something else, sir.
Paul : No, I want a pitchfork.
Salesman : I'm afraid it's not available.
Paul : There are half a dozen just lying behind you. In different shades no less.
Salesman : Nonetheless quite unavailable, sir.
Paul : But why? I worked my ass off for the damned pitchfork.
Salesman : Well you don't have ten friends.
Paul : I do have friends. They are just out there, not in here!
Salesman : None listed here I'm afraid. Perhaps you could try one of our spades.
Paul : I want a pitchfork - and I'd probably use it to fork you!
Salesman : I'm sorry. That would be quite impossible. You'd need fifty friends for that.


It's hard not to have friends. Especially on facebook. Makes it nearly impossible to progress in most of the games. Almost everything requires audience participation - and in facebook's case, it obviously involves roping as many reluctant friends into the game as possible.

About time we tamed the frontier!

Which explains the dozen or so unanswered requests I have on my own facebook account - whether to accept a runaway goat for my farm, a bedroom suite for my new hotel or even a Greek statue for my own evil empire.

Wonder whether they'd want to join me at the frontier.

Even Charming Calvin isn't spared the invitation. Though he was unsurprisingly reluctant, my man stepped up to the plate ( after being suitably threatened of course ). Oddly enough, the game simply refuses point-blank to recognize Calvin as my neighbour - though he occasionally pops up in my ranch to lend a hand.

Anyone else? Papa needs a pitchfork!


Legolas said...

You are too free to play all those.

William said...

I will not help you propagate this evil!

savante said...

There's always time after work for play, legolas :)

Propagate it! Evil must grow, william!


Life for Beginners said...

Me, I just ignore all them application invites and block them. :P

Little Dove said...

For a moment, I thought you were talking to the devil. Oh Farmville. ;)

Ban said...

i gave up, especially on that darned roman empire thingy!

Fable Frog said...

Oops! i forgot about it~ please don't fork me LOL but one thing lor~ that game is EVIL! you have no idea how many people are harassing me to join the cult! hates!

stargal said...

"Which explains the dozen or so unanswered requests I have on my own facebook account..."

talking abt me har? hehe... sorry, i always reject and block all these requests.

Bradley Hyunckel said...

me think playstation is more way better than facebook gamas...

Janvier said...

Avoiding all games on Facebook!