Saturday, June 26, 2010

Borgia Schemes

Guess I'm definitely an adult now.

Not only do I have a house and car in my name, I actually pay bills and taxes. And now I'm even thinking of purchasing bits of land. Just imagine a small patch of land with my name on the deed. Might even make up a jaunty flag and everything.

Or start up an inviting homey inn as Piratin Patty originally intended. Seems it's always been her lifelong dream to set up shop with a handful of beautifully appointed rooms and a small cafe / bookstore downstairs. With herself in the role of homely innkeeper of course. No doubt our enterprising Patty envisions herself washing laundry by the river and baking bread by the dozen. Wouldn't do any such thing of course - only farming I do is on facebook - but I figured I could be a silent partner.

With that particular view, we set off to scout for suitable locations around the town. Not as easy as we thought it would be. Turns out even the creepy haunted houses cost quite a bit over here. One even resembled an abandoned Bates Motel. Obviously avaricious realtors aren't afraid of no ghosts.

The friendly neighbourhood farmer?

Leading to a nervous Patty changing her idea from an urban townhouse to a more bucolic locale. Which had me recalling the rolling hills of Charming Calvin's rural homestead. Very Little House on the Prairie. Took a sudden detour towards his farm hoping to catch his venerated parents conveniently out-of-town.

No such luck however. Not only did they catch me there, we almost had a head-on collision down the dusty country lanes. To say I caught his parents off-guard would be an understatement. Just thankful his trigger-happy dad didn't load up the shotgun. His scheming mother, Madame Borgia, kept mum the entire time, probably trying to ascertain my seemingly inscrutable intentions.

And I brought a real-life girl which must have confounded her opinions on me. Wasn't I gay? And now I'm buying land with a woman?

Just another jolly good time at the Borgias.

Paul : Guess what? I dropped by to see your mom.
Calvin : Good God. What scheme are you cooking up?
Paul : Nothing.
Calvin : I don't believe you.
Paul : Seriously. Nothing. At least not at the moment.

Hmm. Didn't I hear his dad mention that the neighbour's spread might be up for sale?


William said...

Ooo... gonna be a landowner just like it was during the Agricultural Revolution?

Cheryl said...

seems like i must really move to Miri in order to own a land and a house for FREE! haha

nicky05 said...

and getting married to woman..:P

Bradley Hyunckel said...


Chris said...

Long time didn;t visit u. HOw r u?

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