Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Menace Within

Chink in the armour. Achilles' heel. Kryptonite. No matter how peculiar it is sometimes, even the strongest of us all have their own weaknesses.

For members of my family, it comes in a shade of yellow encased in thorns of green. Easy enough to avoid it since the warning signs given are plenty. Not only do the prickly thorns yell go away, the debilitating stench itself could kill at twenty paces. Always makes me wonder which brave, intrepid soul first dared to break open its shell to devour the contents within.

Away foul creature!

Charming Calvin calls it delicious delectable durian.

Me, I call it a stinking dead carcasse riddled with maggots - since it truly smells like one. And with my two week stint in forensics, I should know.

Somehow everyone in the clan from the oldest to the youngest - even to my baby nephew - eschews the stuff. No doubt we were tasked with the mission to destroy such biological warfare. Though we don't seem to have succeeded in all events since we seem to continually fall for those who bear a shocking fetish for the durian.

Just curious how Calvin can enjoy eating the yellow stuff. Much to my disgust, I've actually tried the stuff and all I can say is the sweetness doesn't compensate for the all-encompassing stench.

Maybe he stuffs his nose. Or the malodorous poison has leaked into his nose killing off the olfactory nerves. Evidently he has found a partner in his pursuits since my mother claims to be a devoted fan as well. No doubt the very stench after the carving of the durian knocked me unconscious as a kid since I can't recall her partaking in such reeking evil.

So you can imagine how I felt when my mom purchased a couple of boxes for Calvin and left it in my car. Seriously. The funk of forty thousand years.


Life for Beginners said...

But it's not just the taste. It's the AROMA that makes it oh so heavenly... The fragrance from spiny, thorny Paradise... ;)

Tanglebloom said...

i simply do not understand. almost all Caucasians that i now find the smell repulsive. I don't. It smells really sweet. It's not even a case of relativity. Everyone I know that enjoys it says the same, that they can can smell the sweetness of it's creamy flesh. I'd like to believe that some noses are configured to smell differently in the case of le durian.

::. Anton ::. said...

Let's have a durian farewell party!


Legolas said...

It smells even better than eau de toilette.

Queer Ranter said...

I hearts durian~~~

Janvier said...

We take it you love your cheeses then!

Let Calvin drive your car until he absorbs all the durian aroma. :P

Queen B said...


it seem like centuries ago that we hv touched those "thing"....

but since el nino is thanks; it would burn me inside out!

Perky said...

OMG durian. That brings back a horror memory for me tau...

Got one time I went jogging in the park with my friends. We were running behind this man when suddenly I tercium bau durian.

Very harum you know the durian smell. Dahlah I dont like durian k.

So I pun ask my friend, "Here got durian tree ker? Or is there someone selling durian nearby?"

Then my friend replied, "No lah. Where got. The guy in front just FARTED lah!"

Haiyoh... dunno whether to pengsan or vomit darah.

RPMnut said...

I would've screamed, thrown a hissy fit and then promptly sold my car. Durians. Gawd. The pong. No thank you. Ugh.

Jeremy said...

They taste pretty good.

Ban said...

Down with durian! >:D Especially the horrible smell!

savante said...

Aroma?! You sure it smells so good, life and tangle?

I'd scream and run away, anton.

I think that is a call for a medical checkup, legolas :) You can come along, queer rant.

I aired my car for half a day, janvier :P

:) Cute reason to avoid the stuff, B!

OMFG. That is horrific, perky.

The pong. Love the word but just couldn't recall it! Thanks, Nut!

Tried it. But I just couldn't stand the smell, jeremy.

Definitely, ban!