Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hating Mr Happy

Take a moment and think of your closest friends. Depending on how the relationships have developed over time, we all have our own views on their personality and character - and also that one defining word to describe them. Certain qualities that make them stand out from the rest of the bland faceless crowd.

Just like the eponymous Mr Men and Little Miss. :)

Despite the fact that we'd probably have to pore through an entire dictionary just to find that elusive word - since we're not all one-dimensional cartoon characters. Just that one word. Thought of it? Fortunately I already had a word even back in school coined by one of my closest pals - and that word was exuberance. Don't fall over on your seats, folks. Decrepitude and cynicism might have dimmed the shine a little but you can still see a glimmer if you look hard enough.

Does he really love me as I am?

Just like the word placid describes Charming Calvin to a T. And guileless would briefly sum up Lanky Lex.

So what if that particular shining trait is the one your loved one dislikes? Isn't that an ouch at the very least? The one thing everyone else loves about you - turning out to be the one thing he dislikes the most?

Kinda like hating Zany Zinedine for being fashion-forward. Or disliking Statuesque Sarah for being honest to a fault. It's just so much a part of who they are. Can you actually love someone while hating their defining quality?

Just doesn't work for me. It's like hating Mr Happy because he's happy. Or dumping Mr Messy for being messy. Isn't it kinda futile?


Twilight Zone said...

Stubborn Exuberance? I just scolded Lifebook for this. LOL

Queen B said...

we may be fake sometimes...but we don't wear fakes neither do we fake our orgasm~

how's that? ;P

savante said...

Scolded Lifebook for this? But why? Do tell, twilighT!

But your loved one still loves you regardless, B :)


Ban said...


Nicholas Rashidee said...

don't get horny at mr horny.. ;P

Laksa lim said...

hi bro, lost my phone again.. this time to a robber. Please msg me again. Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

As a college student I dated a man I called Harold Hard. We lasted but a few months before our Bitter Bed Breakup.

Perky said...

well put. I'm with u on this. what is there to love if you don't love the person's best traits?

savante said...

Believe it or not, Ban!

Precisely, Nicholas!

OMG. Will do so, lim.

Bitter Bad Breakup! Love that, Zach!

I know, perky. So I'm not sure what the problem is with my friend ( and the boyfriend ).


Jaded_Jeremy said...

It's so obvious, to me at least. I know such things cannot be taken for granted.