Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That Dasher

What do we do in the event of a breakup?

Some moan and wail along with sentimental karaoke weepies. Some commiserate with friends over rocky road and rom-coms. From supporting shoulders to comfort food, we all find our individual ways to cope with the devastating loss. Then there are the regular dashers who start flitting here and there and everywhere.

Such as Dashing Dan.

Punch em
No more moping at home! Time for a new socialite me!

Determined not to fall into a melancholic decline after his recent breakup, Dan drew up a detailed mission statement to expand his social circle beyond the familiar faces of the ton. And so he did just that, transforming from unsociable bluestocking to the latest socialite in town. Hell, I hear his Facebook friends jumped exponentially after one week. Just a month after, he's already out gallivanting, throwing extravagant soirees and painting the town red with several choice spirits.

Calvin : My dear, have you heard the latest on-dits about our dear compatriot, Dashing Dan?
Paul : Surely that graceless scamp didn't fall asleep at the wheel again!
Calvin : Far from it! A little bird has whispered to me that he's been out celebrating his recent bachelorhood in all the wrong places!
Paul : The meat market? My word! And I thought our puritanical friend eschewed such decadent pursuits! Has the world actually spun off its axis?

And what's this I hear about Dan's ear getting licked after trolling at a notorious gay bar?

Obviously this eligible bachelor isn't only out looking for platonic relationships :)

This from a lazy fella who could barely keep his drooping head off the dinner table just a few months back. And that's with an entire jazz band - and crooning chanteuse - playing barely a few feet away. Not to mention a dozen rowdy boys in bowties.

An unsettling change to be sure - is something dosing him with fortified ginseng? - but I kinda like the new Dan. All I say is bravo. Wonder what other surprises he has up his sleeve! Chances are I'll find out soon that he has jetted off with his circuit party queens to decadent Ibiza for the weekend. Or possibly found in his cups in a seedy joint after a neverending pubcrawl.


jase said...

ohh.. That sounds like what I would do if I broke up.. lalalalalla :p

A Common Singaporean said...

I would do the same. Less the Gay Bar...

Anonymous said...

How interesting. Sounds as if I drugged him at the dinners.

I probably would have.


Janvier said...

It is a transformation, isn't it? :) At least he's more active now.

XOXO said...

I have noticed that the number of friendly comments on your posts have plummeted greatly. So here's one from me, don't fall for me - not just yet.

Please send me a picture of Dashing Dan. So I know how he looks like in aid of my efforts to avoid his 'theoretically possible' advances on me, despite the fact that he might not know I exist yet. XOXO

savante said...

Sounds like a good idea, jase and common singaporean :)

Well being a sleepyhead was certainly his hallmark back then. Wouldn't you agree, S?

Probably the ginseng, janvier.

Well there's a recession out there, XOXO. Heard even the blue-chip stocks are plummeting :P You can certainly find your way to Dan if you'd want to.


closetalk said...

aaa, but there's something to be sad for the healing prowess of unbridled hedonistic homo-sex! :)

Dashing Dan said...


So this is what they call artistic license. Exaggerate much? *bites

xoxo: Lol, just poke around and get to know people. ;)

*Anton* said...

Good on ya, Dashing Dan! After all, license is granted for bachelors to sniff and poke around, rite? The same cannot be said to those stinky-amorous- attached-ones tho', rite?


Alex said...

Awwww.... Dan is so happening!