Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Woman Wronged

Poor Elizabeth Wong.

Having lewd, incriminating photos being circulated around by her unscrupulous enemies - obviously so sadly inept that they have to stoop so low - can't be easy on a single lady of her political stature. Of course what makes it worse is that she's handling the matters all wrong by knuckling under the relentless pressure and resigning from all her posts.

And then running away.

Just as if she'd done something sinfully wrong.

Therefore walking straight into the hands of her enemies as planned - she might as well hand them a noose to hang her with! Not saying that she shouldn't be allowed time to grief over the gross invasion ( and betrayal! ) of her privacy. My sincerest sympathies to her as I personally feel only the lowest blackguards would deal with such underhanded, perfidious machinations. But as a political figure of some note, hiding out in the sticks at this critical juncture wouldn't be in her best interests.

Lick me
OMG! Did anyone see me?

Seriously think it's time political parties hired brainy fellows to man a spindoctor team for just such occasions! Don't they learn anything from the examples of previous political scandals?

Now is hardly the time for her to slink away from the rumours and accusations swirling around her. Rather than milk the public for sympathy as the victim of betrayal, all this does is allow more heinous rumours to creep out from the deepest cracks.

What would I say to her if I could?

Elizabeth : I was betrayed. Now everyone's spreading terrible rumours about me. My reputation's in tatters.
Paul : Honestly, fuck them. Not saying you did but... really, so what if you slept with a thousand men? You mean the rest of the politicians are all consecrated holy virgins? You're not married. You're not a nun. Why shouldn't you be dating men? And they should mind their fucking business.

So what should she do? Hire a PR team! Get a spindoctor! Anything but run away.

Have a press conference and make a statement! Appear on talk shows! Face down her detractors dammit! I'm sorry but the silent tortured martyr act isn't going to cut it in the dog-eat-dog media world today. Let's be frank, all the world's a stage - and the gullible audience so adores a good show. They expect a weeping betrayed victim. Give them that, milk them for what it's worth.

And in between shedding tears over the perfidy of man, pepper the disgraceful bastards ( whoever the sinister shadows may be ) with as many painful shots as possible. Roast the buggers. Perhaps I'm a vindictive monster but if I'm going down, I'm gonna drag everyone else down with me.

And their lil dog too!

Elizabeth, you were wronged. Cowering in the shadows is only tantamount to a sign of defeat. Stand up and hit back. After all hell hath no fury.


JD Cole said...

yeah....i dunnow why she wanna run's soooo not her fault!!

she should say "bring it on bitches!" and fight if there's no tomorrow!

Ardo Wonder said...

She is already doing one of the Pr moves which is to step down. She aint running away. Its part of the strategy to put at ease for the time being.

The media has already destroyed her and nothing beats the media. Let her lay low and the end of time, she will have her name cleared and thats where the action begins.

*Anton* said...

We can't really expect her to fight on, especially since after the new threat to expose more of her private romps, which includes dvds and more illicit shots.

Politics at its dirtiest! *haiz*

Little Dove said...

Elizabeth needs to hire someone like you.

Ban said...

I agree with you, but it's very hard on the her. I don't blame her if she wants to run away at this point. The hurt may be too great.

Twilight Zone said...

The press people should live in the hell for making money out of other's misery. Our local press is aping the West now, digging grave holes.

Kenji said...

Ehhh... who is it that you're talking about!? I am bad, cause I don't look at news much! xD

But yes, you should be a consultant instead of a doctor sometimes!

jase said...

yeah.. because of this a manager came up to me and ask me to put some half naked photos onto the internet too!!!