Friday, September 06, 2013

Plus One

There comes a time in your life when wedding invitations - otherwise unreasonably known as red bombs 紅包 - start arriving at your doorstep.

For years I used to cringe inwardly when receiving them since it would remind me painfully of my assumed singlehood, which was patently untrue but relatively unknown to some of my less well-informed friends and family. Many a time, I desperately wished to send back an impetuous hastily-scrawled RSVP proclaiming to the world that I - the self-avowed homosexual - certainly wasn't going to be shoved into the singles table with the rest of the blushing bridesmaids.

If anything they should leave me in a debauched den full of virile yet susceptible and half-soused groomsmen.

However these days, I don't have to give them that particular heads up. Past a certain age, most friends readily figure out the dirty truth without the actual telling - and hey, news seriously travels fast on the grapevine when you're gay. Seems the little rainbow flag pinned to my coat isn't as discreet as I once imagined.

So these days, I'm getting quite accustomed to receiving wedding invitations with a significant plus one noted beside my name. What differentiates the card I received a week back was the fact that not only did it have the plus one to indicate my partner, it actually came with Charming Calvin's name handwritten neatly beside mine. Rare enough that I could barely hide my delighted grin.

Paul : Did you see the card! So great yeah!
Calvin : Meh.
Paul : You're not impressed, you little cynic?
Calvin : Meh. 

How's that for validation!

So yes, LGBT issues might be getting an unfairly severe hammering in our homophobic political arena - what with nonsensical rehabilitation camps and anti-homosexual musicals - but down on the ground, at least amongst the dear people I know and love, there has been lots of encouraging progress on our front. Irrational haters are still there but the supporters on our side are growing.These days even my staid brother has started to be a far more fervent supporter of gay rights than even me. Things do get better.

At this rate, kindly folks - not to mention my terrifyingly compelling niece - are nagging the both of us to finally make it official, I might be drafting out our very own red bombs sooner than later. 


u:-:ulliel said...

so are you guys more like holmes and watson, batman and robin, or hadrian and antinous?

matt said...

that's so sweet of your friends to do that.. and good news for all of us.

savante said...

Not sure which one we are, ulliel. Should be a pretty contrasting couple. Any ideas?

Things are getting better, matt.