Friday, September 13, 2013

When the Kat's Away

With the erratic weather we're having marking the changing of the monsoon winds, Netherfield is heralding a change of its own as one of the tenants takes their leave at the end of the month. Finally taking her vows as a bride, Kool Kat is returning to the other side of the Big Puddle to be with her husband. Since there doesn't seem to be any reason to get another - and the rent is pretty much covered, I doubt Netherfield will be hosting somebody new.

Not to mention I have my eye on a certain other property close by, something far more permanent than a lease.

Kat : I'll be packed and gone by the end of the month.
Paul : That's pretty fast!
Kat : Wait, what was that sound?
Paul : I think that's Felix popping the champagne. He's been eyeing your room all summer long.

Rather than the steady measured pace of her arrival, Kat seems to be in a wild desperate hurry to leave this time. Literally tossing clothes and supplies into her suitcases in a wild bustle. Almost everything of hers that wasn't nailed down to the floor - even the crummy wall clock she bought for less than five dollars - found its way into several stuffed boxes on our porch in a matter of hours.

If I hadn't been in the rapt audience for her wedding ceremony, I would have thought she was packing for a hasty elopement.

Didn't take but a day for her to clear the room - several tiring hours of non-stop commotion - which left me feeling just a tad non-plussed.

Paul : You heard that Kat's leaving?
Felix : Yeah I heard her packing.
Paul : She's even taking the dustbin. 
Felix : Wow. 
Paul : Packing should be done by the end of the week or so. 
Felix : And that rocks! I get the bigger room woo hoo!

Something tells me Fabulous Felix won't be overly torn up by her sudden departure. Never one for sentimentality obviously.

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