Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shorts & Trunks

Despite living close to the sea - with the sandy beach never more than twenty minutes drive away - I don't actually go swimming that often. Blame it on my near irrational fear of the scorching ultraviolet rays ever present on said sunny beaches.

Which explains my severe lack of swimwear; at least nothing serviceable. The ones I have would probably float away with the coming tide.

And I politely declined Fabulous Felix's all too kind offer to loan his super-skimpy see-through white Speedos. For shame! I might hit the gym a little more regularly these days but there's a limit to my exhibitionist tendencies.

Unless I looked like him of course. 

So with a trip to a tropical island listed on my travel schedule, I had no choice but to hit the stores. Usually one of my favourite past-times - but this time, flicking through endless racks of scanty spandex, all barely larger than a pocket handkerchief, sent chills down my spine. Not to mention in this conventional little town, there's really not much choice for men's swimwear apart from low-cut trunks and briefs in indeterminate variations of black and blue.

Find board shorts far too prudish so I picked out one of the less risque trunks. Super stretchy as the material was, I found it almost impossible to guesstimate the size.

Paul : Could you reasonably guess my size? 
Salesgirl : No need guess guess la. Just go try la. 
Paul : You're serious. I'm allowed to try the swimming trunks? 
Salesgirl : Why not! Take the whole bunch. 
Paul : I presume a whole battalion of men have gone through them as well?
Salesgirl : Not that many la. Okay one la.


Yes, I've heard about the girls trying on brassieres in the changing room but wasn't this a little bit much? Admittedly a little dubious but I figured I'd just slip them on really really fast - and off even quicker. With my briefs modestly underneath, surely I wouldn't catch anything less than savoury.   


thompsonboy said...

Usually they have this sticker on strategic areas so that you can try them on. Don't try them on naked and these days there are tons of cute short shorts (not talking about baggy unfitting board shorts)that can work if you are not the daring type.

savante said...

Sticker on strategic areas! How come I didn't notice that! But yeah, I definitely didn't try them on naked, tb.


Jaded Jeremy said...

Yes, I was surprised when I was told I can try them on too. Yikes, didn't think of hygiene and so I tried it naked.

It was sooooooo hard to find stores selling swimming trunks! The one and only I found and tried carried only Arena brand and they were...scandalous lol. Didn't buy them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have sniffed the trunks to determine which had been worn previously, then try then on.
A good whiff of 'male' and you would never have got yourself into any of them. LOLOLOL