Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Secret Allure of Kid Brothers

Gotta admit I sometimes have the devil in me which certainly prompts me to all manner of mischief. Some quite inexplicable. Others quite despicable.

Especially when it comes to shocking some of my really old friends, such as Honest Harold. Ever since I came out to him a while back, he has been gingerly tip-toeing his way around the controversial topic. Partly fearful of inadvertently offering affront since I've always been infamous for my acerbic tongue. The other part possibly deathly afraid that I might have had a wildly inappropriate man crush on him back when we were naive schoolboys.

Look, I certainly won't deny that Harold was kinda cute back then in a sweet aww-shucks boy-next-door way, and yes he does have shades of what I look for in a man - but somehow I never did come to fancy him. Not then. Certainly not now.

But our straight brethren are always highly suspicious of us randy gay fellows perpetually dreaming up wicked ways to jump their bones.

Harold : So this gay thing...
Paul : What do you want to know? Anal sex is it?
Harold : No! Well not exactly...
Paul : What is it then?
Harold : You never... I mean, with me... umm.
Paul : Whether I had a crush on you?
Harold : Yeah.
Paul : Well, not you exactly.
Harold : What? What do you mean by that?
Paul : Actually I used to have a crush on your younger brother.
Harold : What the... he was just a kid back then.
Paul : Hardly. He was hot. And liked to walk around half naked. Had those sculpted six pack abs.
Harold : He's at least six years younger than us. I'm not listening to this.
Paul : Must be all man by now. Does he still have a cute ass?
Harold : La la la la I'm so not hearing this.

Bet he's still freaking out.

Boy : Oh hi, you don't mind if I go shirtless, do you? Kinda hot today.
Paul : Why stop there! You can take off your pants as well.
Boy : OMG You're so naughty!

Seriously though. Cute jock brother with an athletic physique that just wouldn't quit. Even at the barely legal age of seventeen, he was a droolsome wonder. Simply adored strutting around in the living room sans shirt most times while I, the college student, was sitting there staring agog at the premium male flesh on display. Often wondered what I would do if I got the boy alone.

Hmm... wonder if he's married. 


Shin Y said...

Cute look with nice body..; )

Haven't tried before?? LOLL

Aiden said...


As usual, loved reading your blog. (:

And it's so hard to prove that I'm not a robot!

savante said...

Far too innocent back then to make a move, shin.

matt said...

i think some research is in order--is he married or not? still hot?

savante said...

Now you've made me curious as well, matt :) Will go find out.