Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Matter of Principle

Some boys have it made and just don't know it.

For instance the sweet sexy Shawn who finds himself regularly approached at the clubs, at the bars, at the roadside pitstops... well just about anywhere! This boy gets his share of fans. Quite a few enthralled swains willing to loosen their purse-strings to keep him happy as well.

Paul : So he asked you out?
Shawn : I said no.
Paul : Why?
Shawn : He offered me a car and an apartment.
Paul : I don't see the hitch here.
Shawn : I would be his toyboy essentially.
Paul : I still don't see the problem here.
Shawn : I can't do that!
Paul : And what's stopping you? You're sexy, free and single.
Shawn : It's against my principles!
Paul : If someone offered me the same, I'd jump at the offer immediately.
Shawn : You're pulling my leg.
Paul : No I'm not. I think I would enjoy being a toyboy.
Shawn : But why? Don't you want to use your brain? Work hard to earn your passage in life?
Paul : Umm. No. I would prefer to head for spas and massages, do my manis and pedis... I think I must have been a concubine in my past life.

Use my brain? Work hard? Earn my way?

Such surprisingly high ideals from a pretty boy. Seriously, do people still aspire to do so?

Boy : I wanna work hard and earn my way in the world!
Paul : Seriously?

Sure, we've all heard that particularly tedious sermon of Work Hard and Prosper in all its many wily guises throughout our dreary schooldays. But dear God, why would I ever choose such tiresome back-aching drudgery when I could have it all simply handed to me on a shiny silver platter? Albeit with a few teeny tiny possibly G-strings attached but hey, it's not all that high a price. A little bit of charming TLC for an elderly gentleman in exchange for a sweet life of  pampered concubinage seems like the perfect barter.

Hell if I were even half as good-looking, I'd be a man for hire. Sure it might smack of cheap prostitution but I've always been supportive of the world's oldest profession. 


Shin Y said...

I don't mind be a toyboy as long as both of us get what we want. Kinf of win-win situation?? xD

Oh well, only happen in my hard is my

savante said...

Definitely win-win right? I'd certainly do it if I had the chance, shin.

Booker said...

I don't see why why he still can't use his brains and earn his own way WHILE enjoying the apartment and wheels.... Am with you with the win-win situation here.

savante said...

Yeah and it would be an easier road, booker.