Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pop this Pitera Pill

Just take two a day and tweet me next week. 

And possibly look a couple of years younger if the preposterous hype is to be sincerely believed.

Believe me though, a bit of advertising works. Truly defy the hardest, stingiest hearts to turn down the tempting bargain bags of facial products being freely distributed to unwitting passersby on the main thoroughfares in Seoul! Being relentlessly pelted with facial masks ( snail mucus anyone? ) and moisturizers on every street corner certainly turned me into a wide-eyed believer. Coupled with a reasonably comfortable paycheque - and the ever-growing signs of aging on my face, that has certainly been enough to convince me to indulge in the finer things in life.

Or at least the semblance of a skincare regime.

Godfrey : Believe me, it works!

Something Fabulous Felix doesn't need any particular preconditions to do. Once the shimmering maroon bottles of SK-II for Men started appearing in exclusive stores all over Asia, Felix's covetous little hands just had to have them. Didn't take him long to join the choir of mesmerized devotees singing the ever-wondrous miracles of SK-II Pitera.

Supposedly the seven known benefits of Pitera are it helps adjust the skin's rhythm, replenishes and retains moisture, tones the skin texture, adjusts the pH level of the skin, controls the generation of dark spots, soothes sunburned skin and helps control the secretion of sebum.

Yes, it's a bloody mouthful.

Though I am rather dubious. Hopelessly charmed by the spell of Pitera and the immaculate looks of its admittedly attractive ambassadors Godfrey Gao and Yoo Ji Tae, Felix claims that his lethargic skin has been magically rejuvenated in a matter of days - but for a fellow who already had flawless baby-smooth skin prior, how can he possibly tell the minute difference? Microscopic enhancement?

Same goes for the two porcelain-skinned, perfectly groomed hunks chosen to advertise for the brand. If they had chosen a hideous troll who finds himself miraculously transformed into a droolsome prince after being drenched in torrential showers of SKII, I might have believed it.

Felix : Really, it works wonders. Try it for yourself.
Paul : Believe me, he doesn't get any commission out of this. 
Felix : See my face. The pores are smaller. The texture is smoother and less oily. The complexion is fairer. 
Calvin : Well I think it works for Paul. 
Paul : Wow. Seriously?
Calvin : Your face is fairer. And somehow bouncy. 
Paul : Bouncy? 
Felix : Bouncy? 
Calvin : Bouncy.

Tempted to say like a bouncy Fuzhou fishball?

Giddily buoyed by the uncommon flattery of my significant other, obviously I pounced on the nearest mirror I could find to primp and preen. Granted my skin does look fairer but I attribute that to vampire-hiding indoors during the unseasonable daylight hours. Not to mention the generous application of sunblock with SPF higher than my age, enough protection to last me through a UV radiation bomb no doubt.

Other than that, nah. Would take the superior skills of a plastic surgeon to recreate something reasonably human out of the troll-like leathery mess of my face. So not all advertising works. I'd probably need the hunky Godfrey Gao to personally convince me of its supernatural effects. :)


JokerPJ said...

But at nearly RM1000 for a month... herm...

savante said...

Less than that I would think! Maybe about 500, joker?