Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gay Groom Gone to Ground

Look, I love weddings. Probably would be the first to sprint down the wedding aisle if I possibly could. Legally speaking of course. Judging by the endless hue and cry raised by the prudish conservative front here over a bit of buggery, I think legalizing homosexuality here is a long time coming.

So you'd think that I'd be pleased to note that a fellow gay countryman - an avowed Muslim to boot - has thumbed his nose at the homophobic religious zealots by publicly marrying the Irishman he loves. In traditional Malay dress complete with headgear. In what appears to be a chapel no less.

Faced with beautifully rendered shots of the wedding in a chapel with two men sharing an intimate kiss, I assume the hidebound clergy wannabes here had a collective stroke.

Briefly, our erstwhile hero - Ariff Alfian Rosli - received a scholarship to study medicine in Dublin but failed to complete the entire course. His father had advised Ariff to continue his studies back home but he remained adamant to graduate in Dublin and subsequently severed all ties with his family. Distraught with the sudden disappearance of his son, the father was then summarily slapped with an arbitrary summons to repay the student loans.

Only to have scandalous pictures of his son's recent marriage plastered all over the internet.

Till debt do us part?

We can only offer some conjecture on what had actually happened of course. No doubt Ariff had made some attempts to inform his family of his sexual proclivities, thereupon receiving a disgusted rebuff which hastened his departure and later disappearance. Possibly?

Dealing with irate homophobic parents, that I can't judge.

But to have such careless disregard for the consequences of his actions? Forsaking his parents to leave them in such appalling financial debt due to his student loans?

Though I enjoy watching the fussy religious prudes getting their proverbial noses all bent out of shape over the well-publicized gay wedding, I find Ariff's actions quite reprehensible. Saddling your frantic parents with your crushing debts?

Seriously, dude, you're making the rest of us look bad. We don't need more bad rep. Enough of getting tarred and feathered already. Not only do our homophobic naysayers already look upon us as aberrant sexual pervs, now they'll also think we're heartless deadbeats who default on loans.

Ariff, at least man up and shoulder your own responsibilities. With the luck of the Irish on your side, I'm sure you'll be able to bear the burden that much easier.

The latest addendum! Ariff has proven to be a man of his word and has this to say. Good for him!

"I want to continue to engage with Petronas in a private capacity, as I have been doing. I have no intention of running away from this responsibility or shrugging it off my shoulder."


Rad Sujanto said...

'till debt do us apart
Omg is it that common in relationships now?

Tom said...

I myself dream of walking down the aisle someday too.

Good for Ariff. I do hope his one will be a "Happy ever after."

ooi2009 said...

are u gonna get married soon ? i like a bearish guy la

Tempus said...

oh right on it. another issue to create a fuss about PLUs and how chaotic, devastating effects because of the sexuality matters. Well, he was courageous, at a really stupid matter at a different point of view. And courageous, at a rights point of view.

well, wedding might be THE thing, but sometime I wonder it its MINE. Well, till I found the one first.

rotiboy said...

Wow he's really daring. Maybe their love is what brings him to do whatever he has done.

The debt is another matter altogether. It's just an excuse that his family made to convince him to come back. Regardless of whether he's marrying an Irish man, and whether he's coming back to Malaysia, the debt from the study loan is still there.

I'm inclined to believe that he has been in touch with his sponsor to repay the debt. What the family is trying to do is to stir the homeland conservatives to get him back.

But then again, this is probably the one in a million cases. A child in an Asian family has responsibilities over the parents and the family, the virtue of filial piety.

There must be a great reason for him to get married without blessings from the family. I wish for the best for him and all that he has done is worthy for him.

savante said...

Doubt it, rad :) Though it is good that he has come out and offered to shoulder his responsibilities!

Definitely good luck on his marriage, Tom. Hope he manages to resolve all the issues haunting him.

Hope so, ooi!

Obviously a ploy to distract us from the problems in the nation, tempus. Poor Ariff.

HOpe it all ends well for the fellow, rotiboy.


Sam Nasser said...

I had said this before. He's only gone missing because they are looking to persecute him because of his sexuality. I would do the same.

Ban said...

Its VERY normal not to pay up for student loans in Malaysia if you're Bumi. Nothing to do with being homosexual.

Ban said...
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