Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dog Days of Winter

A few days back, a friend of mine offered this suggestion to my aversion towards the crowd at the local gym - Try getting up before dawn and hitting the lonesome trails around the neighbourhood - guaranteed no crowds.

Aside from the fact that I abhor getting up early, there's a simpler answer for that actually : The dogs!

I know what you're thinking. How could a fellow with my heft and size knowingly flee from the presence of pretty little poodles and snippy little shihtzus! But we're not talking about your simple friendly neighbourhood canines, my friends! What we have in wild abundance here in the untamed suburbs are monstrous cerberus-like fiends from hell with gnashing teeth and blackened claws ready to disembowel the unsuspecting runner.

And these bloodthirsty hounds hunt in packs.

Many an innocent Mormon eager to spread the faith on their ten-speeds has fallen prey to these beastly curs snapping at their heels.

Okay, let's not blame the pup. Hell, I'd like to take a bite out of that runner myself.

So far my one-man vendetta against these mangy mongrels doesn't seem to have succeeded as my vain attempts to have them summarily crushed as so much roadkill has only led them to revise their guerilla tactics. No sooner do they see my souped-up vehicle gunning for them, the entire wily pack seems to mysteriously disapparate into the looming darkness.

Leaving only their demonic unblinking gaze behind like the proverbial Cheshire.

Lots of possible theories why the suburbs here seem to be plagued by feral packs of wild dogs. No doubt an alarming number of canine-loving expatriates who find it nigh impossible to bring their pets along when they return home, abandoning their gently reared domesticateds in the dangerous streets to regress to their bestial origins. You need look no further than the Disney animated classic Lady and the Tramp for the perfect example.

Can you blame these deserted mutts for wanting to take a vicious bite out of the suburbanite joggers who go ambling by?


Kenny Mah said...

I used to face that same problem with dogs when I jogged around my neighbourhood in Melaka. The solution? Just jog. After a couple of days, the dogs usually get used to your scent and stop chasing.

In the meantime? Well, the chase will make you run faster, and that's exercise, right? *chuckles*

ooi2009 said...

as usual hawt pic ,

GVP said...

After having lived in a few different countries, canids in Asia (excluding Japan) tend to be bity and quite nasty sometimes.

Lack of socialisation with humans during the early development phase (2-6 wo, I think) predisposes dogs to aggression towards humans. Many strays don't get to interact positively with humans, so they can act rather aberrantly defensive.

By the way, a hunk and a doggie, hot pic!

savante said...

Imagine a pack! Terrifying, Kenny!

Thanks, ooi!

Yeah poor abandoned dogs. There should be a shelter hopefully, gvp.