Monday, August 02, 2010

Under the Weather

As a kid I used to get sick pretty often.

Visited the clinic often enough that I actually thought the paediatrician was a friend of my mother's who just happened to be the kindly sort who offered sickly sweet candy paired with horrid noxious-tasting remedies. Not forgetting an odd fetish of checking out kids with his metal stethoscopes.

But a trip to the clinic usually meant a side jaunt to the mall so I was usually easily mollified.

Always makes me wonder whether my early recurrent visits - and the subsequent familiarity with doctors - had any subliminal effect in my application to medical school.

Damn. I think I'm getting a fever.

These days I find myself inured to all sorts of medications. Since I distrust most pharmaceuticals, I tend not to take any when I fall ill. Rather than dose myself up full of antihistamines and antibiotics, I usually fall back on traditional remedies like chicken soup and orange juice. Even the occasional aromatherapy.

So it obviously takes a much, much longer time to get better. Which irritates me no end during my protracted convalescence ( complete with sniffing salts and oh-woe-is-me expression ). Doctors do make the worst patients.

Still wouldn't don't mind a lollipop though.


William said...

Ever resorted to mediums and shamans?

Alex said...

i think i got infected by one of you guys!

aisan said...

HEHEHE I am so like you!!!! I refuse refuse refuse to take any medication unless I am desperat and if I do resort to medication, it's herbal remedy for me all the way! =D

btw, what's with you doctors and a one day MC? one day is not enough to rest!!! esp when you have a cold!

Celestine said...

Charming Calvin will so offer you his lollipop.. I mean, "a lollipop" lol :P

xoussef said...
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xoussef said...

get well soon!

lollipops *sigh*

Little Dove said...

You were already shopaholic as a kid? ;p

savante said...

The more reputable ones sure, william.

But isn't that what you wanted, alex?

And somehow medications make us feel worse right, aisan?

He's feeling a bit under the weather as well, celestine :) How about you offering me a lolly?

Definitely, xoussef.

Tried my best, little dove!


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