Friday, June 10, 2016

Break A Sweat

It has been one long hot summer.

Perhaps even one of the hottest ever recorded; certainly far warmer than any I've ever encountered. And when it comes to this perpetually hellish town, you can just imagine the slow burn as even the road tar melts under the scorching rays of the unforgiving sun.

Fortunately I have the sweet respite of my perma-chilled, hermetically sealed workplace to escape to when the oppressive heat starts wilting even my super starched shirt collars. So basically it's a championship sprint from the relative cool of my parked vehicle to my swinging office doors which takes something less than two minutes. Even with that brief flashburn of sweltering summer, I can already feel the top of my head sizzle.

And not in a sexy way.

Man, to be that cool breeze. 

Not as lucky some of my other friends such as Lanky Lex who braves the killing heatwave as he rushes for the public transport everyday.

Lex : I'm perspiring even after putting on antiperspirant!
Paul : You use antiperspirant?
Lex : Doesn't everyone? 
Paul : Never in my life. I don't sweat much. 
Lex : It's a problem when I wear work shirts. Stains the pits!
Paul : Wow. Maybe a different kinda fabric? 
Soldat : I think if Paul sweats, I'd have turned into a dehydrated raisin. 

Soon enough the conversation inevitably devolved into a comparison of deodorants, antiperspirants and various clothing material - not that I could contribute much since apparently I have the sluggish sweat glands of a frozen reptile. True enough though, I don't sweat much. Hence my propensity to pile on layers even in our sultry tropics.

So despite wearing work shirts since I stepped into the working world, I have yet to develop sweat stains on them. Much less be one of those fellows who get all sweat-drenched from head to toe after a quick round in the sun.

Maybe it's plain luck. Or perhaps a bit of science!

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