Monday, May 30, 2016

Morning Shower

I love morning showers.

Basically any kinda shower. In fact I make it a point to shower religiously at least three times a day, especially with the rapidly rising temperatures in the tropics these days. Apart from the all-important mainstay of personal hygiene, these would be the few times in the day where I can relax and reflect in relative solitude with little interruption. Some of my best ideas come from just laying my head against the tiles as the water rains over me!

Not to mention there's a gentle, almost innocent sensuality in just touching and enjoying the feel of your skin underneath the lather. Of course it's even better when there's someone else to share with - one of the reasons I keep barging into the shower with Charming Calvin despite his unspoken dissatisfaction with another hulking body cramming up the small space. Nothing sexual unless that's what we're going for but it's just tenderly intimate soaping each other up in the shower.

A highly positive change from my childhood days when I emphatically disliked morning showers! Not only did I have difficulty getting up early in the morning, I didn't actually function as any sort of rational human being till at least the third period in school. So you can imagine how I got dragged into the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning. Still my mother would have expected no less than at least two showers in a day, with the morning one a firm absolute.

Maybe having him around would have kept me sufficiently awake for a shower. 

Which is why my mind boggles when it comes to the patients.

Paul : Do you smell something? 
Nurse : Not really. Why?
Paul : Something stinks. 
Nurse : Oh yes.
Paul : What the hell is it? 
Nurse : It's the patient actually. 
Paul : Really? *sniffs* Oh God, you're right. 
Nurse : She obviously neglected her morning shower before coming. 
Paul : Since the beginning of time? Her stench reminds me of the fish market.  
Nurse : Many of them don't believe in morning showers. They believe themselves clean. 
Paul : They would beg to differ if they could smell themselves. 
Nurse : And they are afraid of catching a chill if they shower in the morning. 
Paul : It's the freaking tropics not winter in China. 

Seriously. Get yourself to a shower.

And before you strenuously defend the recalcitrant patient, the lady was definitely fit enough to cleanse herself meticulously before presenting herself to the hospital. Rather than do so, she apparently wanted to fool us into believing her to be the local homeless hobo. Yes there will one day be a rant about hospital visitors who dress like bedraggled tramps.

Obviously not everyone had my mother who dropkicked us into the bathroom as kids every morning for a thorough clean. After smelling the fetid after-effects of a sweaty equatorial night without the benefits of a morning shower, I can certainly understand why.

Immediately after work, I rang up the matron to order an intense scrub for that patient.

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