Friday, June 17, 2016

Little Steps to the Borgias

As much as I keep using the much publicized tagline 'It Gets Better' on the impressionable youth, I really can't say it holds true for everyone - even more so when it comes to Charming Calvin.

Till now our poor fellow holds the unenviable award for Worst Coming Out Story - that I ever heard about in real life of course. Pretty sure there are far more harrowing contretemps out there but for the sadly uninitiated, that long ago tale involving Calvin might hold little interest and far less intrigue since there's actually very few dramatic hysterics in comparison.

Nevertheless amongst my small but fortunate circle of friends, Calvin did have the most traumatic gay debut with pawangs and psychiatrists making a thoroughly unwelcome appearance at that party. No doubt that explains Calvin's sadly cynical worldview when it pertains to coming out! Then again what would you expect when it comes to the outwardly quiescent yet inwardly histrionic Borgias?

But even with the Borgias, things are progressing on a far smoother path these days with his family even extending invitations to me for certain family occasions. It Gets Better. Really. On those social evenings I'm usually on my best behaviour, endlessly ebullient to the point of excessive effusiveness just to keep the straining conversation plodding along despite scant help from taciturn Calvin and his frustratingly laconic family.

Who obviously all stare as if I'm the crazy chattering clown hired to entertain the guests - but I've grown quite resigned to my lot.

Who knows, one day I might just edge out the hapless Benedicta to be her favoured court advisor.

After all just the other day Madama Borgia even attempted the shadow of a gracious smile when she saw me crossing the sacred threshold of her demesne. Rather than hastily sketch the sign of a cross ( or whatever his family is wont to do to keep the devil at bay ) to ward me off. A far cry from the first few dinners we had together when she could barely hold back her bitter bile at the sight of the aberrant creature that's me.

Little steps I call it.

Though Calvin obviously scoffs at my laughable attempts to turn them up sweet, he has severely underestimated the chilly determination of his boyfriend. Not only shall I make his sister-in-law Miz Borgia an ally, I shall win over his mother too.

And perhaps find out the monstrous secret under the family home as well.

I shall prevail.

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