Saturday, August 02, 2014

Everyone's an Eeyore

For those who are wondering, Eeyore's the tragically despondent donkey usually found at the edge of the Thousand Acre Wood ruminating about the daily miseries of life.

These days reading the online media with everyone sounding unhappy I am starting to wonder whether I am surrounded by hundreds of them. Charming Calvin included. Compared to them, I'm practically the bouncing interminably optimistic Tigger. Almost annoyingly so sometimes.

Unsure who exactly is to blame for all the unhappiness, whether it's our modern age of jaded despondency where being happy seems almost ludicrously unhip, or whether it's our wildly encouraging mass media that has given everyone unrealistic expectations of life in general. Seems like everyone's forever wanting and wishing, dreaming and hoping for lottery wins and diamond rings to be happy in life. And when that doesn't come true - which unfortunately is far more common than such limited occurrences, they find themselves hopelessly in the slough of despond.

So what if there's a pea in my bed!

Which I simply can't fathom. I'm healthy, I'm alive, I have food and shelter - generally that makes me happy. After all fireworks and birthdays don't come every day! Most of the friends whining about their endless sorrows already have so many blessings that I find it hard to believe that they could possibly be at all piteously miserable.

Consider this a reiteration. Perhaps it's my unconventional upbringing - due to the fact that I spent quite a large portion of my growing teenage years wandering in empty hospital hallways - or from my work - where I deal with life's numerous miseries, but I find myself inordinately cheered by the little things. It doesn't have to be the big things.

Just that surprisingly well-brewed cup of coffee in the morning from the nurses.

Or perhaps the unexpected cancellation of a morning case leaving the day free for my many pursuits.

Or finding that exceedingly luscious fruit from that long forsaken mango tree in the backyard of Netherfield.

Or getting that uncommon lovey-dovey message from Charming Calvin.

The little things make me happy, certainly eclipsing whatever small disappointments of the day there may be. Life is short so we should cherish all the lovely things that happen all the more. Don't worry so much about the bed having the occasional disconcerting pea but be happy that there's a wonderful down mattress instead.

And if you're lucky, even a handsome prince beside.


Anonymous said...

Wait, is this a guest appearance by Kenny Mah? Lolx

savante said...

Maybe haha :)