Thursday, February 20, 2014

Calvin's Red Packet

Although my cousins have known about the existence of Charming Calvin in my life - quite evident from all our lovey-dovey pictures hand-in-hand together in exotic locales, very few have actually attempted to discover more. Some like Lispy Lori have just accepted the fact that he's my boyfriend with very little persuasion; others like Lanky Lacey barely even blinked.

Surprisingly the most reserved fellow of all, Macho Mike, was amongst the curious few - which prompted an unusual conversation on our family chat group a few months back.

Mike : Oh so this Calvin, he's a good friend? 
Paul : Yeah. And more. 
Mike : What does he do? 
Paul : He's an engineer. 
Mike : Well that's really good. 

And that was it. I have no idea exactly what he was trying to unearth about Charming Calvin - was that his idea of a subtle interrogation? - but he seemed satisfied with the minimal explanation given.

Handing out questionaires didn't seem to be the usual way though. Obviously attuned to my sexual proclivities after our one scandalous summer in London, my shockingly canny cousin Hard Rock Harriet didn't even need any explanations. Catching me in one of the darkened alcoves back home, she pulled me aside and handed me an envelope.

Harriet : Here. 
Paul : Is this a bomb?
Harriet : Of sorts. It's a red packet. 
Paul : For me?
Harriet : Yes, I give to my younger siblings. 
Paul : There's more than one packet.
Harriet : One for your Calvin. 
Paul : My Calvin?
Harriet : Yes, your Calvin. 
Paul : Oh. 
Harriet : Bring him over to Hong Kong next time. I want to meet him!
Paul : Oh. 


Like w-what just happened?

Small brief poignant moment that left me speechless. Definitely Hallmark-worthy. At the rate my cousins are coming around, looks like I really will have more guests on my side if we did have a wedding.


Tempus said...

That's really sweet of your cousin! I guess for people at your stage of life people wouldn't judge you further for your sexuality.

As for mine, I sometimes do wonder if we are able to take it to the next stage in our lives.

savante said...

Yeah, my cousins have all surprised me by how open and accepting they can be, tempus!