Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gripes of Work

We all gripe about work. Even those in what we erroneously assume would be the cushiest of positions would have the most seemingly frivolous grievance about their job. While we would probably dismiss their concerns, for these embittered souls their woes are certainly real enough.

That's why it's called work. Otherwise it would be a paid vacation.

Though I am comfortable enough in my new position, I still dislike being on-call seemingly forever 24/7. Terribly irksome. Rare though I get called after office hours but each time it happens, I do get more than a little frustrated. Expect the unreasonable hissy fit whenever I receive the dreaded call.

Hmm... I think he's working much less than me!

With all my cousins at least with a foot in the working world already, it's common to air our grievances aloud over the common dinner table. Call it a game of Who Has the Worst Job. Usually the doctors in the family have a generous lead since let's face it, we do work terribly crappy hours. Even the paragon of perfectionistas - our very own Hard Rock Harriet - can whine dreadfully after a cup of chrysanthemum tea.

Harriet : I find so little time for myself these days! I seem to be at work all the time!
Paul : Yeah, I just wanna do nothing at home during the weekends. 
Harriet : But you're always on Facebook!
Paul : The workplace has wifi!
Harriet : Don't you work office hours only? 
Paul : Actually it's less than that. Maybe three to four? 
Harriet : I hate you. 
Paul : But why!
Harriet : I work twelve hours a day including weekends. That's not including oncalls. 
Paul : OMG. 
Harriet : Yes, now go pour me some tea. 
Paul : Now I love my job. 

Certainly gave me a whole new appreciation for my job. Even the occasional 3 am calls doesn't seem so bad anymore.

About the hours she works, I'm starting to wonder whether Harriet actually bonded herself to an inhumane gulag or the paediatrics service. In her case, guess there's not much of a difference. Think my domestic servant actually works less hours than she does!


Tempus said...

But the pay pays of doesn't it? Well, I was talking to another friend about it, when she boiled "Berbaloi ke tak?"

It's really up to personal preferences now doesn't it?

Simon said...

We all want different things but the majority just work for the money

savante said...

Hope it does pay off for her, tempus! Sounds like horrible working hours though.

Think most of us do but is it all worth it sometimes, simon? Half our lives spent only on that?