Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reincarnation Much

Wouldn't say I lend much credence to esoteric beliefs such as reincarnation but I wouldn't be so quick to repudiate the claims of its advocates either. Surely there must be some truth in their long-held convictions. After all, I don't think such infinitely fallible creatures like human beings only get that one chance to get things right.

Putting aside my rumoured past life as a dour Japanese manservant to a murderous geisha aside, I am starting to believe that in my past life I must have been a British aristocrat in the roaring Twenties. The preternaturally calm, composed, almost chilly Lady Mary Crawley with her crisp, cutting commentaries to be exact. Though of course that frosty demeanour barely conceals a doggedly determined, dominating dictator.

Ice Queen seriously.

How else to explain the frighteningly uncanny similarities that we share? So much so that I can practically predict her next wily move, wildly unconventional though they may be. 

Watching the recent episodes of Downton Abbey, I could swear I've had the exact same arguments word for word with Charming Calvin. With him in the not entirely flattering role of the indecisive, idiotically incorruptible heir to the earldom, Matthew Crawley of course.

Mary : So you think I'm a cold conniving cow?
Matthew : I wouldn't exactly put it that way.

In almost every episode with the couple together, we are treated to an oddly familiar scene of our shameless virago Mary relentlessly nagging her long-suffering beau. For instance, a frivolous little quarrel over Matthew refusing to accept a sizeable inheritance due to an inconsequential uncertainty; some unresolved guilt over mistreating his insufferably insipid and happily departed fiancee. Fancy not wanting a handsome fortune dropped on your lap!

So all depends on a little slip of notepaper to allay his guilt - which of course our eminently resourceful Mary leaves no stone unturned to find. 

Matthew : Are you sure you didn't write it?
Mary : I assume you know his hand.
Matthew : Not well enough to test a forgery. 
Mary : ....
Matthew : Besides she couldn't have written to him without my knowing. 
Mary : ...
Matthew : I'm not accusing you of faking it.

Being accused of deceit and duplicity, sometimes you can't blame her for the occasional browbeating. Of course as the clincher Mary threatens to beat him about the head if he doesn't capitulate. I can certainly relate.

Mark my words, it's almost a reincarnation.

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