Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Naked in Bangkok

Took only one night in Bangkok to make this hard man humble. 

Since I try it but rarely, I would consider myself almost a newborn virgin when it comes to such shenanigans. Though my more seasoned friends have raved about the excellent treatment received from the skilled locals, with the occasional smirk at the mention of happy endings, I have yet to experience it myself. Far too busy partaking in the other pleasures to be had to try this one out. 

But it was a tick on my bucket list so I just had to make the attempt, made easier after a particularly harrowing day of lugging around my shopping bags. Nothing like a half-hour quickie to get me going again.

Dozens of choices available in the city so it was easy enough to randomly pick one. As expected the entrance to the room was shrouded in mystery with plush velvet curtains ushering me into a shadowy Delphian chamber, utterly bare except for a silken mattress, several bottles of bergamot scented oil and quietly gleaming lacquerware. Bowing all the while with the occasional wai, a slip of a girl stepped in to the peculiar, though not entirely incongruous, accompaniment of traditional Thai music. 

Part of the Asian mystique no doubt. Almost expected the laudatory ring of a gong.

Though I would have preferred someone a little manlier, it seemed that I would have to be satisfied with the winsome waif available. 

Girl : Remove clothes, sir. 
Paul : Not a problem. 

( Does the usual five-second strip )

Girl : No, no, not now. I will leave room. 
Paul : Well, I'm already naked anyhow. 
Girl : Wait a moment. I bring you a robe to wear.
Paul : I'm gonna be naked anyway. 

Obviously unused to such genuine enthusiasm! I mean, surely all her regular clientele would already know what her service entails. What's the harm in getting just a bit naked? Perhaps I'm not exquisitely built like Chaiwat Tongsaeng but hey... it's not like the flimsy silk robe she handed me later actually managed to conceal anything.

Well I would get naked with very little provocation if I looked like that.

As she put her oiled hands on my naked back, I resisted the urge to giggle to myself.

Partly from her surprisingly cold fingertips. Mostly from the novel experience. Surely the first time I've gotten naked with a woman as an adult male. The entirely homophobic conservative orthodoxy would surely be proud of my fledgling efforts to conform. 

Unfortunately it's all only for a Thai massage. 


GVP said...

Yes, it is always awkward the first time. I will really need to a long session once I get back. Haha.

savante said...

Not my first massage but certainly the first in Bangkok, gvp. Somehow never thought of going before.

thompsonboy said...

getting naked has never been a problem for me...