Friday, November 30, 2012

Ding Dongs Merrily On High

Shows you how out of the loop you can get - and sadly how decrepit you're getting - when you hear tantalizing news of a notorious lil gay joint from the mainstream media! And from an unfriendly ratfink at that. Obviously that malicious little tattletale must have done his fair share of whistleblowing before, both literally and figuratively to get this story.

Apparently there's an all-male health sauna down in Petaling Jaya where patrons who wish to enter on Fridays are required to disrobe. Utterly naked. Would barely draw a twitch from the surprisingly progressive Koreans with their au naturel steambaths but over here in our increasingly conservative nation, mindless panic ensues with narrow-minded prigs automatically jumping to the conclusion that it's a dirty, debauched den of degenerate depravity.

What? You mean I gotta get nekkid in there?!

Just the sort of place I'd frequent before. Otherwise known as a gay club.

Forget the fact that the admirable club administrators at least support safe sex by offering a plethora of condoms on admission.

But that is evidently besides the point since for our government-controlled media, anything vaguely hinting of homosexuality must be emphatically condemned. Licentious gay saunas with ding dongs merrily on high are definitely a stern no-no. Another fortuitous strike on their recent homophobic witchhunt, all in their pathetic bid to throw dust in the eyes of the public from focusing on the mismanagement of the nation.

Shall try my best not to jump on my soapbox ranting over the rights of an individual, and how the government should keep the fuck out of our wanton sex lives.

Though for the community's sake, I gotta say our gay vigilantes out there had better start keeping an eye out for these pernicious informers. Not the first time someone has tattletaled on us. Time to find the narc. These monstrously hungry newshounds ( or should we christen these unworthies as newsrats ), with little wit nor integrity, should be unceremoniously hunted down and strung up by their cowardly ankles to be soundly whipped. Possibly thrown on a torture rack for an excruciating round of BDSM.

Doms out there, take heed.

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