Monday, March 07, 2016

An Education Direction

With the uncertain oil prices compelling the companies here to invariably rightsize, there's a dark pall of discontent hanging over the harried citizens quite as thick as the hazy shroud that gradually envelops the city environs this time of year. Not a terribly jolly new year this time around which fits my mood quite perfectly.

Even Charming Calvin finds himself in a bit of a tight spot with the oil and gas companies undergoing the recent distressing downturn. Warning breakfast burritos have been followed by termination letters for the unfortunate few in his office which is reason enough it seems to return to one of his earlier ventures.

Though of course if Pietro Boselli taught me math, I would be all eyes and ears.
And hands. But that's something else entirely.


Paul : Tuition again? 
Calvin : Why not? I enjoy math and physics anyhow. 
Paul : Don't think I'd be able to teach anything! The students would drive me crazy. 
Calvin : Doesn't bother me much. 
Paul : Sure you won't be teaching them absolute rubbish? 
Calvin : I'll go through the coursework first of course. 
Paul : You wouldn't prefer selling healthy lunches

Really think that would be far more profitable but even my stirring sales pitch failed to ignite the enthusiasm of a singularly unmoved Madame Borgia who insists that her low-fat, low-calorie, low-sugar meals-to-go are purely made for one - and one only.

But I digress.

Undeterred, our Calvin has decided to stick to what he knows best - and that's presumably mathematics and science - which is why he's decided to offer tutoring services again. There's some thought of refurbishing the upper floors of Netherfield into a charmingly reasonable space for adolescent education once there are enough students around to fulfil the quota.

Really starting to have vague recollections of Plumfield over here with shades of Professor Bhaer. Would I then be Jo? Perhaps I would be a tad tempted to pitch in if I even knew what subject to teach. English perhaps? A bit of Art?

So this weekend was spent searching for public spaces to place up our notices in search of willing students. Know of any?

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