Friday, January 02, 2015

Here We Come A-wassailing

Last time I travelled with my brother anywhere was the aforementioned Eurotrip almost a decade ago. Honestly other than dining out really cheaply and curtailing any added expenses such as shopping, there is very little I can actually recall about that trip! Photography wasn't really my thing so pictures were few so there's hardly anything left to jog the memories. Since I'd barely begun work, my wallet was still quite woefully spare which didn't leave much change for purchasing knick knacks and doo-dads.

Give or take about ten years, I find my credit limit more resilient this time, able to weather any minor financial disbursements that might occur due to somewhat indiscriminate shopping. Ever the prudent consumer, my diligent brother still keeps his purse strings cinched up tight.

Except when it comes to food, glorious food, of course! For that, our exceedingly well-fed Fuzhou kin have a well-earned reputation for providing an overflowing dinner table ready to feed an entire marauding Viking army.

And perhaps a couple of Huns as well.

Fortunately we were vacationing in the food paradise of Bangkok where food comes cheap, plentiful and all finger-lickin lipsmackingly scrumptious.

Time to load up the kids!

However I seemed to have forgotten my brother's peculiar propensity to effectively fill up every moment of the day with constructive activity. Oftentimes on opposite ends of the city map. Rather than the leisurely trip of boutiques and bistros we were blissfully imagining, suddenly we found ourselves briskly herded through stifling alleyways to perilous destinations unknown.

Not that I minded the trip.

I did mind the panicked rush though. It was if we were trying to cover the entire city of Bangkok in eighty minutes! Or perhaps less since I hardly had time to check my trusty wrist watch. There were times I wondered if we'd even paid for our meals yet before rushing away.

Paul : We're not done yet!
Brother : No, we have another place to be in ten minutes pronto. 
Paul : Where? 
Brother : Ten stops from here by train. 
Paul : What?!
Brother : Up! We're leaving!

Even I - with my brisk walk - found myself at times quite breathless. Seriously I can't imagine how Charming Calvin must have felt being unceremoniously whisked from one corner to another.

Definitely no time to go a-wassailing! Far too busy wailing as we were all swept into matching tuk tuks to dash through the grimy streets of the inner city.

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