Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jealous Eyes

We all know getting over a harrowing break-up is never easy, but evidently recovering from an aborted love affair takes some time as well. After the almighty rejection followed by the inevitable fallout amongst his fickle foursome of 'friends', I wasn't surprised that Diffident David has been feeling a little despondent and lonely at work, summarily ignored by those so-called 'friends' of his.

Unlike him though, I wouldn't recommend immediately falling into a dark despair - obviously I'm not one to wallow endlessly in the murky mud of misery - but to persevere instead by taking up new exciting challenges such as searching for new friends.

Though trying to get him to listen is like pulling teeth.

David : Well, she is nice but I don't know her that well. 
Paul : Get to know her then. 
David : Not easy to get to know people at work. 
Paul : Are you purposely sabotaging yourself? Well, just ask her out for a meal. 
David : I can't!
Paul : Why? Does she live on photosynthesis? Is she somehow averse to eating?
David : Her husband might get jealous. 
Paul : Over having a meal? 
David : Yes!
Paul : So she needs to get signed permission slips to have lunches? 

David : It's only lunch yeah! Lunch only!
Girl : Tee hee. If you say so. 

Shades of deja vu since I recall it wasn't the first time David made that particular damning exclamation - like a seething husband's jealousy was the end all for every possible issue that pertains to a committed relationship. Which raises the question - is that what David actually thinks?

Look, I'm far from the fearsome high-maintenance spouse and all I ask for is little more than trust. It doesn't have to be utterly blind, all-encompassing trust but it should be enough that having a simple meal out in public with a strange man, no matter how incredibly attractive, wouldn't elicit but a passing neutral comment. It certainly shouldn't provoke the awakening of the green-eyed monster.

Likewise, Charming Calvin has his share of nights out with other men - surely platonic, say I hopefully  - and I do little but shrug and wish him well, perhaps a disgruntled grunt, but nothing more. After all he has earned my love and trust to befriend whomever he likes without the ugly spectre of jealousy hanging over our relationship.

If not, a relationship would be no different from a harsh prison cell.

David : Husband sure get jealous la!
Paul : If that's true, it obviously isn't that strong a relationship. 
David : No ah, they are close wor. 
Paul : So that the husband gets jealous of all her male friends and automatically assumes infidelity? 
David : A bit maybe? 
Paul : Then there's little trust in the relationship. 
David : Not to say that la. 
Paul : There should be enough trust that she should be able to lie down utterly naked in a full-on orgy without worrying that her husband would think ill of her. 
David : Wah so you would trust Calvin to do the same?
Paul : Undoubtedly. Though I won't blame him if he just stroked some abs or lightly spanked an ass. Nothing more than that though.

David obviously doesn't agree - and blithely assumes that even a platonic friendship would endanger the girl's supposedly committed relationship with her husband. Seriously, one workday lunch would drive him off the brink? Though he might not have known it but undoubtedly David has betrayed his own thoughts - and would probably guard his own partner equally zealously in the future.

For that I can only sigh and shake my head.

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