Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fraternal Support

After months of dithering over telling my parents, my sudden coming-out over tea caught everyone a little unprepared.

You just might be wondering what the rest of the family were up to while such earth-shattering domestic disturbances were happening in the grounds of Netherfield. In every other noted family drama, you'd expect the nosy siblings to be furtively crouching behind closed doors trying to listen in on every fragment of the crucial conversation.

Paul : I need to tell you something.
Brother : Yes?
Paul : I'm gay.
Brother : Like duh.

Of course my stolid elder brother would not lower himself to participate in such puerile shenanigans.

Certainly doesn't mean the man wasn't desperately curious about the irregular goings-on here - since I sent him a brief notification informing him of the events transpiring. Rather than admit to a smidgen of inquisitiveness, he quickly dispatched his wife Sassy Sue as an emissary to ascertain the situation.

Sue : You came out?
Paul : I messaged you guys about it.
Sue : We couldn't believe our eyes.
Paul : But there was no reply for days.
Sue : We were out on a desert safari. Your brother thought the message had to be a desert mirage.
Paul : Oh, no wonder.
Sue : And you only sent us five words. 'I came out to mom'. Practically drove us insane wondering what happened.
Paul : Well that's all that happened. Mom seemed oddly calm.
Sue : Probably already knows for a while.
Paul : Or still shell-shocked by it all. I can't actually tell.
Sue : What fun we will have this Christmas. Your brother's already thinking of coming back early just to see what happens.
Paul : Glad to know my coming-out is a source of entertainment.
Sue : Better than television, I swear. Are you going to officially come out to your brother as well?
Paul : Officially? My brother already knows.
Sue : Well you never actually told him. Coming out over the Game of Life doesn't count.
Paul : So now he wants verbal and written confirmation?
Sue : You know how the man likes his facts.

Maybe a singing telegram?


William said...

So Dato' K went to Miri for this?

GVP said...

It sounds like your brother and sister-in-law care a fair deal about you. That's re-assuring :D

Ban said...

Goodness, I missed the big news while my laptop was being repaired! She's known, but now she has to confront it directly. Are you okay?

Kay said...

LOL. I just read about your tea party. No worries. I came out over roast pork and chicken rice. Siu yok... Mmmm

Anonymous said...

I would tell my parents and friends in a heartbeat if that is remotely close to the reaction they would actually have. I'd probably get kicked out of the house and disowned. I envy you


Jaded Jeremy said...

How about your father? Did you come out to him?