Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Typing With a Sprain


Seriously. Who knew a little wrist sprain could be this painful!

Have no idea how the sprain came about. Didn't stumble and fall on the pavement. Perhaps all that twisting and turning during dance class could have caused the wrist sprain.

Oh woe my poor wrist.

Yes, it's my arm! Ouch.

We never do appreciate what we had till it's gone. Turns out the wrist - such a tiny little joint with dozens of lil tendons - does a lot of heavy-duty work. The most trifling insignificant actions start becoming a major pain in the... wrist. Twisting doorknobs and opening jars? Ouch. Turning the steering wheel isn't exactly smooth either. Wince. Even holding up a coffee mug is a strain! Even typing too fast is painful.

Best I can do with that hand is to roll the optical mouse around. And type with one finger.

I know. Doctors make the wimpiest, whiniest patients around.

For those curious enough, treatment of a sprained wrist - in cases where there is no fracture or significant instability - is the RICE method which stands for Rest Ice Compression Elevation. Resting my hand now of course. To cover the compression bit, also clipped on a slapdash splint made out of sticks and a borrowed glove.

Ouch. At least it's not the hand I wank with.


Vincent~ said...

i sprained my leg, now i am hopping around. -__-

too lazy to prepare a pack of ice, i use a packet of frozen hot dogs from my freezer.

chris said...

Besides applying RICE, is it advisable for one to massage the sprained spot? Get well soon, looking forward to your next post. heh. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh no... so sorry to hear that. Take care and get well soon.

rotiboy said...

Take care, doc.

Learned about RICE, ABC, bandaging, CPR etc. when I was in high school but I never used any of them in my life.

But still, don't take the sprain-like injury lightly. It could be ergonomic illness... Erm, stupid me. You're a doctor man!

Anyway, for my case, using an unergonomic mouse for a month has caused a sprain-like injury on my thumb joint near my palm. Even I have switched to using a much better mouse for two months already, it hasn't gone away. I'm starting to worried that it has already become repetitive strain injury.

Tempus said...

so its like you have to retype the sentence for this post several times with a single finger typing!! XD

got it once before when I hit langkawi. Wtf I totally can't smash the shuttlecock with my hand at all and driving was a total bitch because of the single-hand driving habit.

any how, just let it rest, and twist it occasional to make the healing crack!

savante said...

Anything cold would do, vincent :)

Massage? All depends on the area of the sprain, chris - though it's still better to consult with an orthopaedic fellow.

NOthing that bad, calvin. Just need the rest!

Think it's mor ethe dance movs. Really hope it's not due to my mouse, rotiboy!

Typing slowly each letter, tempus :)