Sunday, July 24, 2011

All About Urinals

Let's get the anecdotal stuff out of the way first. Fellas, you know what urinals are, and exactly what they are for. Chances are you probably just saw one a couple of hours ago.

A urinal is a specialized toilet for urinating into, basically a container or simply a wall, with drainage and automatic / manual flushing. Initially intended - and obviously commonly placed in the gents for men to use. So no matter how drunk a fellow might be, one look at a toilet without a row of anonymous urinals usually rings an alarm. Whether the urinal comes in individual sets or in a row trough, it usually signifies an area solely set aside for men.

Oddly comforting actually.

Urinal indecision?

But what I have noticed amongst my gay brethren is a peculiar reluctance to approach a urinal. Rather than head for the easier, more practical, far more efficient solution presented by the urinals, they usually saunter towards the stalls. Only when faced with no other choice - for instance with the entire bar of stalls occupied, would they take take that final step towards the row of urinals. Even then you'd think they were marching to their deaths.

Since I am an advocate of the urinals, their reasons for avoiding them I have yet to fathom myself. Fear of inadvertently spraying everyone in sight? Fear of being inadequately judged by their peers? Fear of being outed after inadvertently eyeing the fellow in the adjacent urinal?

Or perhaps they find themselves unable to comprehend the unspoken Code of Men's Rooms Etiquette? Do some of the gay boys miss out on that particular chapter in their schooling?


Tempus said...

maybe I did. I only take urinals when there's no one around, or at least keep the one beside me empty. no idea why, just feeling uncomfortable with strangers around. if friends different.

ichimaru akira said...

so true..I also don't know why they do that

two horns child said...

Urinals would be my choice. and you are right about practicality. Realistically speaking. Stalls are much more dirtier than urinals. Or maybe they just like ti "sit" while releasing it! lol......

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong what if ppl choose to pee in the stall. i myself would choose according to the urgency to pee..if so urgent then i choose urinal, if not then the stall, since i like to wash my dick after peeing, i usually go for the stall. as for the urinal, i always find perverts spying at others while peeing. now that grosses me out. but peeing at the urinals can be liberating too...

Janvier said...

The urinals in our workplace tend to stink as not everyone flushes. Ugh.

Chen Xing said...

Thanks for sharing this informative piece.


lol, the clip is so funny~ and i love the part which the 3 guys fought in the toilet~ lmao

savante said...

But no one looks at urinals, tempus. Really! Except maybe me. Haha.

I don't understand myself, ichimaru! Was hoping someone would explain.

That would be a good reason, twohornschild! But the stalls can be dirty as well!

CHoices to be made, anon!

Same for the stalls, janvier.

Suddenly thought of this weird bit the other day, chen xing.

More than one vid on urinals, L2. Quite a big topic surprisingly. WHo knew!


J-boy said...

Haha I don't know about the others, but for me the reason for not peeing at the urinal can be summarized in 3 words: embarrassing, unwanted erection (esp if someone is standing next to me lol)

It's something that I can't really control :P