Monday, July 11, 2011

Marriage Market

Women always get asked the question first.

Raging feminists might weep and wail but it doesn't change the unenviable fact that women, by convention, are usually married at an earlier age than men. Hence they get asked the dreaded question that much earlier.

Of course that doesn't mean the Miss Independents of today are capitulating to fall in line with such outdated notions. When presented with the marriage question by her conservative parents, Kool Kat declined flatly and pushed for a one-year extension.

Paul : Waitaminute, now you don't want to get married?
Kat : At least not for now!
Paul : And you guys say men are complex!

Which I found peculiar.

Paul : They asked you to be married by the end of the year?
Kat: Yes.
Paul : OMG! Yay! Congrats!
Kat : No! I told them no!
Paul : Why not?
Kat : Because!
Paul : You have a boyfriend?
Kat : Yes.
Paul : You love him?
Kat : Yes.
Paul : You want to marry him?
Kat : Yes.
Paul : So?
Kat : You sound like my mother.

Women these days. For all their talk of love and romance, do they actually want to be married? These days it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune would find it hard to find a woman to marry!

Since Kat already has a committed boyfriend whom she loves and fully intends to marry, I don't see what's the hitch in the wedding plans? If I was told to marry someone I already love, I think I'd already be breaking out the champagne, draping myself in white chiffon and drowning myself in wedding journals.

Grrrr. Maybe I should get married myself.


DeluSion said...


Calvin would love the last two paragraphs.

Tempus said...

maybe its because the commitment they need to make to the term "married". I have a bunch of girlfriends who hate ending up with marriage. They always say," Getting married is the most idiotic thing to do. Seriously, being together is more than enough!"

little do they know, the other side of the grass, there are people who are dying to acknowledge their partnership by marriage.

Owh well~

ooi2009 said...

how old are u again ? actually i have yet to meet a hot doctor yet , most of them are either old or nerdy or brainy or fat

savante said...

VEry true, delusion :)

Being together is enough, tempus. And the certificate doesn't matter much to me. But the ceremony informing everyone does.

Me? I'm 34 at last count, ooi.


kevin said...


Le Chatelier said...

Tell me when u have found the right man~ Haha