Wednesday, June 04, 2014

No Sweat Man

After a rigorous hour or so at the gym, I always take the time for a relaxing steam followed by a quick shower - at the very least. Even the minimal workout that I do already works up quite a sweat and there's nothing quite as refreshing after that than a wonderfully chilly rinse. Gotta say having a shower at the gym's quite a necessity for me, especially seeing how I might have to rush back to work soon after.

Turns out I might be the only one who thinks so.

You see, usually I'm not the only one who sneaks out during lunch break for a quick run or cycle. A number of irregular regulars come by as well, probably could count them out on one hand by the way. One of them I've dubbed Grunt Graham since he rocks the entire tattooed hulk look, mechanically lumbers his way to the weights and obviously grunts his entire way through his sets.

Which is all fine by me.

Except the fact that he gets all sopping wet. No, not teensy wussy dripping. Nah, for our macho he-man here, it's literally pouring off in wide swaths of Amazonian sweat-rivers into mile-wide waterfalls that crash off his cliffside pecs.

All hard and sweaty. 

Which is still fine. I do appreciate the natural scenery.

But then Graham immediately goes straight back to work after changing into his work clothes. With just a brief cursory wipe of the hand towel. Snap back on those work shirts and jeans. Remaining mostly still sopping wet.

And Grunt Graham doesn't seem to be the only guy who does so. In fact it turns out that it's quite common amongst the gymgoers here.

Which leads me to question time. Do they have some irrational fear of gym showers? Do they suffer from some debilitating soap allergy? Do they secretly fetishize the reeking scent of the grossly unwashed? Do they prefer having their unfortunate work colleagues expire after breathing in their noxious body odour?


Tempus said...

They are JUST LAZY!

Shower is like MANDATORY in our field of work, and no I don't wanna smell like sweat even though I'm going to smell like cow after wrestling with them.

Isn't it like a work ethics to do so?!

And your adjectives, man. I wouldn't wanna be near that dude, unless he's my other half.

savante said...

Wish there was a huge shower head above the door that I could pull to douse him.