Thursday, August 08, 2013

Measuring Up

Even with the boldest of egos, having a strange man singlemindedly hold a measuring tape up to your crotch in front of a thoroughly unappreciative audience can be daunting at best. Regardless of the generous bounty below - or lack thereof, there's always the niggling fear of coming up short especially in the inseam area.

Fortunately the exacting tailor didn't see fit to snort dismissively after taking down my imperfect measurements on his notebook. Just like the last time I did it years before, getting your measurements taken for a suit fitting can be mind-numbingly dull. Ever wanna feel like a Ken doll at play? Impossible not to feel like a lifeless dummy when they twist you back and forth, flip your arms up and down just to get the proper measurements.

At least I don't have limbs that are of unequal length, at least the tailor didn't say anything of the sort.

But man, the colours are still.... well it's hard to run from the traditional masculine shades of black, gray and blue - unless you'll boldly go where no man has gone before with the neon-bright colours.

Paul : Perhaps something in a dark gray. 
Tailor : Oh here are the range of shades. 
Paul : It's all dark gray to me. 
Tailor : With slight variations. See it under the light! We have different shades! Iron, ash, dove, silver, stone, pearl...
Paul : Basically gray. 
Tailor : Not to mention with stripes, panes...

Well he didn't say all that but you can imagine how he tried his best to differentiate what looked like a bunch of grays to blacks for me. Never felt more like a disinterested straight man in my life.

Dammit! They promised the gray would match my Vespa!

Ever agreeable, our Charming Calvin didn't help much either.

Paul : How about this ash gray?
Calvin : Okay. 
Paul : How about this dove gray? 
Calvin : Okay. 
Paul : Hmm. How about a luminous mint green suit?
Calvin : Hmm. Okay. 
Paul : So what if I looked like a lucky leprechaun? 

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Anonymous said...

Hello Korean guy fan.
I have pics of "the streets" of Seoul, and it's rare to have a black's mostly "a shade of" grey. If it is black, then shiny black pointy shoes are a must. could go red, or yellow suit perhaps:)