Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dance of the Fireflies

There's only so much culture this little town can take - and what little there is to offer, Fabulous Felix and I intend to savour as much as possible, from the sporadic chamber orchestras to the rare dance performance like the one tonight.

Plainly there's no missing us in the sparse crowd - what with us both dressed up to the nines, quite frequently mistaken by the awestruck ushers as guest performance artistes. Suits and ties of course, what else could you possibly wear for an evening concert! Surely not the ever sloppy yet ubiquitous ratty tee and crappy shorts of the hoi polloi?

Despite the pleas of the organizer - a long suffering friend of ours - reminding us to dress down in the hopes of us blending in, we did nothing of the sort. Fortuitously it turns out since quite a sizeable number of the audience turned out to be unequivocally flagrantly gay.

Dancer : Wait, exactly what kinda dance do you intend me to do?
Paul : A strip tease.
Dancer : Then shouldn't I start removing some clothes?
Paul : Now that's the kinda performance I want to see. 

Including the prerequisite boys in tights, unabashedly stereotypical though that assurance may be. But how could we help it!

Felix : Gay? 
Paul : Undoubtedly. 
Felix : The one next to him? 
Paul : Definitely. 
Felix : Nice ass. 
Paul : All that leaping and jumping tones the ass.

Amused me to note that most of the co-ed schools involved actually had active dance clubs in school. Quite an eye-opener for a guy like me since we never ever had anything involving dance in my overly macho all-boys school. Music and drama we had aplenty but somehow never dance. Probably deemed just a tad too fey for the lads. Narrow-minded teen homophobia being quite rampant behind closed doors, I'm pretty sure most of the unfortunate fledgling members would have been severely battered after school hours.

So we never actually had a Billy Elliott in attendance.

On the other hand, at least I never had to sit through several performances with sophomoric girls frantically flipping fans in a dismal attempt to imitate budding blossoms. 

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