Monday, December 12, 2016

Crass, Crude & Coarse

One would think it odd that I have become quite the arbiter of taste and etiquette amongst my peers. These days I seem to be the only one who gripes often about the sad lack of social graces in the people we meet. Seems more than a boorish few would benefit from a term or two in a select finishing school to polish off some of their rough edges.

Just terribly ironic since I used to thoroughly enjoy flouting social conventions. Back then, rules and regulations, deportment and decorum - all of that seemed so decidedly fuddy-duddy Victorian - but that didn't stop our tenacious martinets from drumming it relentlessly into our thick skulls. Learn it we did though we never truly saw the worth of it then.

Until recently when I hear of tightfisted colleagues insisting on going dutch during dates. Or when I see shameless friends consider ditching a party when something better comes along. Exactly what is being taught to our artless youngsters these days?

But even all those minor little social faux pas can hardly compare to what just happened today.

Tim : I'm sure you've received the invitation to my grand soiree this weekend? 
Paul : Yes. And I have returned the RSVP as well. 
Tim : Thing is... I've decided to disinvite someone. 
Paul : What has he done? Unless it's something monumentally wrong...
Tim : I just changed my mind. 
Paul : Gracious, you simply can't.
Tim : Why not? 
Paul : You can't just disinvite someone when they've already replied with a yes to the party. 
Tim : Well I will. I'll just tell him there aren't enough seats for dinner.
Paul : Unceremonious indeed!

Picture me with hands to my face doing the Scream Edward Munch style and you'll know how I feel.

You cannot do such an unconscionable thing!

Inviting a guest and then subsequently rescinding the invitation? Without a doubt one of the worst breaches of social etiquette ever. Such a social blunder would probably have a swooning Miss Manners immediately taking to her bed with smelling salts. Hearing of such an inelegant brush-off has made me feel quite uncharacteristically faint myself.

It's simple and you don't need Emily Post to lend a hand. Yes, you can disinvite a guest but you shouldn't. Not unless you'd prefer the unsavoury reputation of a loutish barbarian.


Janvier said...

Make do with this 😱

savante said...

Very true! Now I shall!