Monday, October 19, 2015

Champs Elysées

I have developed a new mantra for dressing well.

Dress as if you're strolling down the streets of Paris.

Surely you'll never go wrong that way! After all the city of Paris wears a merit-worthy crown as unrivalled queen of the fashion world with trendy boutiques and appointment-only ateliers lining the city boulevards offering the latest in haute couture - which the stylish Parisiennes are only too quick to acquire. And then skillfully display on the cobblestoned streets that double as their very own easily accessible catwalk.

Have to dress for the fall!

Nothing wildly frou frou. Nothing far too risqué. All the Parisiennes need are the essentials in the staple blacks and blues; not to mention the ubiquitous scarf. Never has so little been so shrewdly - so effortlessly - put together in a simple yet amazingly polished ensemble.

A point of envy even on my last whirlwind trip - but even more so this time that I have the time and luxury of watching the oh-so-chic Parisiennes stroll by from my corner seat at the neighbourhood cafe. Almost all perfectly dressed from head to toe as they sauntered with such Gallic insouciance to work. Certainly no one scampering around in hastily thrown together tees and shorts. Definitely no sweaty gym trainers around. Hardly a single shabby flip flop to be found.

Apparently the one way to recognize a visiting tourist would be to note the frumpy clothes they are wearing. Doesn't surprise me at all since it would be almost impossible to match the impeccably dressed Parisiennes!

Makes everyone else in the world seem just a trifle shabby.

They try but they will never succeed, the poor fools.

Doubt the mainland Chinese folk could even succeed - though it certainly doesn't stop the extremely determined arrivistes from trying.

Showing telling signs of the changing times, it would be hard to visit a single French atelier without finding at least a handful of Chinese citizens, all caught up with the Paris Syndrome, squabbling loudly outside in a rowdy line waiting to go in. Even along the glittering fashion boulevards of Champs Elysees and Boulevard St Germain, you can find strident Chinese matrons snapping up vibrant Hermès scarves and splashy Louis Vuitton handbags as if the items were going on a fire sale.


dazzakoh said...

Yes... the French and their... je ne saus quoi... i don't fly Air France very often but when I do ... the stewardress and their scarves! Stylish!

thompsonboy said...

I didn't see any chic in Paris. Maybe cigarettes but it's just an image. Milanese are chic-er

Janvier said...

Complete the sentence!
Dress as if you're strolling down the streets of summer.

savante said...

Totally agree, dazzakoh. They do seem well groomed - at least better than most of the other cities!

Guess it depends which part of the city we walkabout in, tb.

Can still wear linen and cotton in summer, Janvier!