Thursday, October 22, 2015

C'est Si Bon

Guess my friends were correct; this trip has turned out vastly different from my last - credit invariably due to the company present. Even though I was practically delirious with fever on the first day, having Charming Calvin and my mother certainly helped perk my spirits up. After all if I'd taken to the sickbed on arrival, I doubt the two of them - highly unadventurous souls they are - would even bother stepping out of the hotel.

Don't know if Calvin would concur. Perhaps his first experience of Paris could be quite as miserable as my last, especially since he frequently gets left quite.... far behind as I dash off to the next destination. After all the boy has never been known for his excessive speed.

What? You're where? 

Adoringly cooing lovers might walk hand in hand along the Seine but Calvin certainly remembers his flagging trudge down the Left Bank quite differently - especially since I had to be at least two bus stops ahead in stride, which precludes any sort of romantic hand holding activities. So many things to see, so many things to do!

And that wasn't even the challenging climb up hilly Montmartre yet.

So you can imagine my consternation when he blithely made this innocent comment.

Calvin : We should cover more places! Why aren't we going to this museum? This park? 
Paul : You know the reason why!
Calvin : But why!
Paul : You're not moving fast enough.
Calvin : Oh. 
Paul : Yes. 
Calvin : You walk too fast! You're practically running. 
Paul : I am strolling. I barely break a sweat. 
Calvin : You're an alien. 

Even my aging mother - with what I suspect is a bad knee though she fervently denies it - overtakes the dawdling fellow. As usual, I blame the pathetically slow snail's pace sadly glorified on this side of the Big Puddle.

Which is fine by me actually. Let's take our time enjoying the sights and smelling the ubiquitous French lavender sachets. After the success of this trip, I doubt it would be our last time there so Paris, we shall come by again.

Even if it's just to eat the delicious croissant au beurre.

Yes, it's all good. C'est si bon!

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