Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hos Before Bros

Turns out the bro code isn't as common as I thought it would be. No doubt Barney Stinson would be horrified to hear of this. Obviously the all-boys schools these days don't inculcate those fraternal values in their susceptible young students anymore.

Fabulous Felix amongst them.

Even back in school, we had rule number one 'Bros Before Hos' practically drilled into our impressionable heads. Basically it means placing your close buddies first before the significant other. An unwritten law amongst goodfellas that has puzzled, mystified - and also exasperated - tenaciously clingy girlfriends everywhere.

Bros Before Hos! Remember that!

And seemingly a couple of gay boys too.

Felix : Yeah I had a date.
Paul : Good God, you ditched your friends for a date?
Felix : Well the date came with sex!
Paul : So?
Felix : What do you mean so?
Paul : Bros before hos!
Felix : I can see you would have given me lotsa grief.

Never getting that particular memo of the bro code, Felix is apparently baffled by my seemingly unwarranted peevishness. Fortunately I wasn't around for the aforementioned dinner so I didn't make much of it other than a brief cuff to the back of his head.

Surely the rule isn't that hard to follow. Popular media keeps touting torrid romance as king but seriously, doesn't bosom friendships even have a place? Ditching friends who have stood by through thick and thin for a cute trick you just picked up on Grindr? Honestly, till the wild merry-go-round of endless dates start to slow down into something steady and true, shouldn't our friends be more of a priority? If Lancelot had remembered that familiar adage, perhaps Arthur wouldn't have found himself cuckolded and Camelot might still be standing.

Or is that just plain old-fashioned chivalry speaking?

Of course I'm guilty of going overboard with the bro code at times. Charming Calvin can certainly attest to the times I've abandoned the quiet intimacy of our dates for a more crowded party of five. Or ten. Something I've been working hard to correct - but then again I count him as one of my closest confidantes, more bro than ho sometimes, so the line that separates the two has gotten a bit blurred.


john chen hui long said...

for me it's 'god bless the sister who comes between me and my mister'. :-)

savante said...

That's only when the trick becomes a mister. By that time he's practically family, John.:)

teens sex said...

so beautiful guys...

tuls said...

i love the salvatore brothers!! damon is so yummy! :) sorry not very relevant to the topic but yea! ahahahahah..

savante said...

Oh yes, they both are cute, tuls :)